How To Make Millions With Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest

There are some doubts as to Pinterest’s money generating capabilities, however, making money with this social media is quite possible nowadays. So, it’s time to change your mind about this platform, as it is not just a photo-sharing network. It can become your personal promotion board.

One of the most common ways to make money on Pinterest is through an affiliate program with brands. It may seem to beginners that this is a difficult task, but everything is very simple and you will discover the best tips and strategies next.

Why you need to stop your choice on Pinterest

Pinterest is a modern visual search engine that is used to make purchasing decisions. The number of users has reached 335 million per month. Most of the users of this site are female, and they use this platform to make decisions about diet, dress, interior design, and where to go to rest. Such a platform becomes an attractive place for affiliate marketing.

Everyone knows what an affiliate program is and that it takes a lot of time and skills to promote partners’ links. You have to write reviews, helpful articles, and so on. Pinterest makes this whole process easy. In short, you have to create an attractive Pin with an affiliate link. Sounds simple, right? Below you will learn about the three main ways of Pinterest affiliate marketing.
Tips before you start making money on Pinterest with an affiliate program

If you asked yourself such a question as “how to earn on Pinterest”, then most likely you are new to this site. Before we start considering the main tips, you need to do the following:
Registration and audience gathering: Define your niche in which you would like to sell products or services. For example, you may be fond of confectionery and know a lot in this area. So, you need to define your target audience. If we follow the example, then most likely women are your target audience. 

Create a profile on and make a board that will attract women who are interested in cooking.
Choose a company for affiliate marketing on Pinterest: Pick up a company based on the interests of your audience. Offer companies cooperation and indicate the statistics of your account. By the way, if your board gains a large number of subscribers, then such companies can find you themselves.
Use tools to shorten URLs. For example, such an application Bitly allows you to shorten the URLs of links and also track their activity. As you understand, you will know how many clicks were on your Pins.

Top 3 tips that will definitely work

Now let’s look at the simplest but most effective ways to promote affiliate links on this site. After you have followed the previous tips, it is time to start building the foundation for successful earnings with the help of an affiliate program.

1. Don’t forget to add a partner’s link to your Pin
If you already have a PIN, just edit them and add the desired link.
Create new Pins and don’t forget to always add links to them.
Don’t forget to create a high-quality and attractive product photo.
Create a text that will explain what this product is and why subscribers should choose it.
If the product is not physical, then create a mockup or corresponding picture to promote the service.
Add relevant keywords.
Do not forget to indicate that you are using an affiliate link.

2. Reboot blog traffic

If you are already promoting your affiliate program through blogs or social media, then it’s time to use Pinterest to increase your potential customer traffic. You can use the articles that you already have, as long as they are popular.
Choose from 5 to 10 successful publications.
Find images that match each existing post.
Create new pins and link them to these posts.

3. Discover relevant group boards to increase clicks

It is an excellent way to reach a large number of users, but there is a pitfall you should be aware of. The point is that many group boards do not allow placing pins where there is an affiliate link. Read the rules carefully before joining such boards.

Next, your task is to find boards that match your individual ones. There is a little secret for the search to be effective. Find bloggers in your niche and join whatever boards they have. This will save you time and find boards that fit your individual needs.

This method takes time as you have to wait for approval. Also, try to send applications to as many groups as possible, so out of 10 boards, less than half can approve you. This is okay! Be patient and take some time.

The Final Thoughts

Now you’re convinced that Pinterest is more than just a place for researching ideas or sharing photos. This is the place that will allow you to generate additional income. Undoubtedly, these are not all ways of earning money, but they can be safely considered basic and the simplest ones that are perfect for those who are completely new to both Pinterest and affiliate marketing. You can easily check it in practice. Do not waste your time and earn your first money right now.


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