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What Do Rich People Spend Their Money On? Find Out Here...

Have you ever sat down and wondered how and what the world richest people spend their money on? In as much as this question may sound or seem vague, it is very interesting and of course finding out how the world's 1% spend their hard earned money may be a key to your financial doors. Before I started witnessing positive changes in my personal finance, I used to imagine a lot of things about successful people; from how they made so much money to what they ate and how they spent their money, and even at times, I wondered if they defecated like ordinary people lol, that's how weird and worried I was to know how the rich lived their life some years back when I was still struggling financially. In this short but detailed post, I will be answering the question: what do rich people spend their money on? So sit back and enjoy the reading...

How To Know if You Will Become Rich or Poor in Future

In as much as we do not have a concrete sign or signs that will guarantee that one will become rich in future, certain criteria or factors stand as clear enough signs to show how our future will look like when it comes to financial success. In this expository post, I will be revealing some never-heard before vital signs and factors that will help you discover your chances of becoming rich in future or not….and this is not meant to discourage you if you fail to see the signs in your life, it is meant to motivate you and inspire you to put more effort towards achieving your dream of becoming rich since that I believe is your goal for opening this topic to read. What guarantees that you will become rich in the future? Find out after the page break below:

How Can Anyone Realistically Make $50,000 in 12 Months Online? Find Out Here...

First, let me clear some doubts and probably set the records straight before we can have a realistic attempt to answering this question. Haven said that, let’s move on. Remember, to make money online or offline, you must obey one general rule; solve a problem. Now, how do you solve a problem to make money? You can do that in several ways but best categorized into two:

What is The Quickest Way To Make $1million? - Find Out Here!

The quickest way to make $1million is to find something to sell fast using the formula below: Formula 1: find a highly demanded item, product, service or solution you can sell 1,000 of it to people at a profit margin of $1,000. That will be = $1,000 x 1,000 = $1,000,000 Formula 2: find a highly demanded item, product, service or solution you can sell 10,000 of it to people at a profit margin of $100. That will be = $100 x 10,000 = $1,000,000 Formula 3: find a highly demanded item, product, service or solution you can sell 100,000 of it to people at a profit margin of $10. That will be = $10 x 100,000 = $1,000,000 Formula 4: find a highly demanded item, product, service or solution you can sell 1,000,000 of it to people at a profit margin of just $1. That will be = $1 x 1,000,000 = $1,000,000 Now, let’s get down to business; how do you achieve this goal, or let me say, how do you apply these formulas?

Forget About Crude Oil - Internet Technology & eCommerce Are The New Goldmine

It is time for African and Middle East governments to wake up and realize that the era of crude oil money is gradually coming to an end as the global economy shift from Crude oil, Agriculture to internet data technology. Anybody familiar with global economy history ought not to be surprised by this latest trend, because the world has witnessed lots of this shift of economy; from agriculture to heavy industrialization where iron ore and steel were the highest selling global commodities, to gold and diamond to crude oil boom, and now heading to internet technology data.

EXPOSED: The Secret Behind Canada Skilled Migrant Program Canadian Government Won't Tell Skilled Migrants!

Whoever that first thought about this skilled migrant program deserves an award for a well thought plan. This is in fact, the fastest way to develop any nation financially, economically and what have you. In this expository article, you will discover some shocking realities about the much publicized and talked about Canada Federal Skilled Migrant Program that has attracted thousands of finest brains from various countries of the world, especially from developing nations like Nigeria, Ghana, India, Philippines, etc. So before you make the final decision to join the over growing population of professionals queuing in for this program, you definitely need to read this article, and please do not endeavor to share it with your friends and relatives.