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Secret Ways On How To Make Millions From Social Media

 Social Media is the trending thing world wide. From Nigeria to South Africa, India, United States, United Kingdom and all over the world, social media is playing a big part in the life of most people. People spend most of their days on social media. From chatting on Facebook to Tweeting on Twitter, Sharing pictures on Instagram or watching videos on YouTube, social networks have become an every day thing for billions of people. While a lot people spend much time and energy having fun on social networks, there are other set of people who spend time making money from these social networks. In this article, we will show you how to make money on social media. Note: If you have ever googled and looked for ways to make money on social networks, beware of websites asking you to pay money to join a program. Most of them are scams. All the ideas mentioned in this article are free. You can start trying them out today. In some cases, you may require a little knowledge. But with the internet, you

Top Highest Paying Job That Pays Millions Per Month

There are countless rich people in the country as everyone is into one business or another, working full-time at a cool company, and several other engaging vocations. However, it is quite evident that some people are richer than others and this could be due to several reasons. Some people inherited wealth from their parent while some were fortunate enough to get high paying jobs. This article is, however, more concerned with the highest paying jobs in Nigeria currently. So if the question on your mind is to know the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, you are in the right place as I am going to list 10 of them and why I deem them so. Here are the highest paying jobs in Nigeria: 1. Business Persons (Entrepreneurs) Hearing that a person is a businessman alone rings a a bell. Although there are several businesses in several sectors that one can venture into, it has been observed lately that those businessmen that are into oil and gas and exporting ventures are usually the richest. A remarkabl

Top Loan Apps That Can Lend You Millions Without Collateral

As a business person or an individual, there will be times that things might get a little bit hard and there will be a need to look for an emergency fund. It could be money to meet personal needs or business needs. In the past, it was almost impossible to access an emergency loan in Nigeria. But these days, there are many loan apps in Nigeria that you can get a quick loan from without collateral. All you need is download and install their app on your phone. And you can get a loan. Most ften without any paperwork. How does loan apps work? Loan apps works in this way: You download the app from your app store. Install it on your phone. open the app, register with you correct details and any document needed. Your credit score will be calculate and you get a loan offer. Once you accept loan, it will be credited into your account. You will have to pay back your loan before or by due date. Majority of the loan apps in Nigeria do not require collateral or guarantors. So you do not need to worr

How To Start Pure Water Business With Less Than 500,000

Pure water business is in vogue in Nigeria.  With the increasing population, the government inability to provide clean and affordable drinking water and potentially, the fear in the public minds concerning the sugar content in soft drinks makes pure water the only available commodity to quench thirst.   The vast majority of the teaming population drink pure water.  I drink it , you drink it, indeed the overwhelming majority of the people drink pure water.  This is the reason why it is one of the growing and lucrative business in Nigeria beside information technology.  The market is  available in all the cities and villages, so it does not really matter where you are, you can set up a business of pure water in any part of Nigeria and be profitable, if run properly. To emphasize the fact that the business of pure water is profitable, notable organisations such as Nigerian Bottling Company, Nestle, May and Baker, etc. are in the drinking water business, though in the more refined drinking

Top 10 Small Business Ideas That Make The Most Millions In Nigeria

The truth is, some of these small business ideas are neither ingenious or new. But by having street smarts, the right team, risk tolerance, passion and perseverance, they can become multi-million naira (or dollar) enterprises. Here are 10 small business ideas that will have you raking in millions in no time. 1. Agribusiness With a population of over 170 million people, the Nigerian agribusiness sector is one of the largest in Africa. A population explosion in the next few years has been predicted, making the agribusiness industry a more lucrative business option to consider. Already, many sub-sectors of the industry like poultry farming, fish farming, farming, cassava farming, palm oil farming are already churning in millions for successful farmers in their fields. There are thousands of small business ideas in agriculture to venture into. What you need: An extensive market research and a high yield agribusiness idea to focus on. 2. Web Design Agencies These days, nearly all businesses

The Real truth On How To Gain Traffic To Your Blog Or Affiliate Link

STARTED A BLOG BUT IT IS NOT GAINING MUCH ATTENTION, WHAT TO DO? Well it depends on the type of traffic method you are using... i don't know the type or what methods you have tried that hasn't worked for you, You didn't specify that If perhaps you have a mentor, you should talk to him/her they can provide something new for you to try out That said, I can give some tips. I use myself to get more attention And Traffic.... Am gonna divide My Answer into two Parts PART A: FREE TRAFFIC METHODS SEO: This takes some time ,but if done right can bring in productive results from Google. I remembered when I started blogging a long time ago, I optimized my website for SEO by downloading Yoast SEO plugin... Then I wrote unique original content , at least one per day, and googled some websites that accept guest posting and requested to write for them so as to link back to my website and get traffic to my site , this here is called backlinking... Some Blogs actually accept my write up but