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33 Unique Ways to Make $1,000+/Monthly

A recent survey by the Research Department of revealed that 34% of Americans had less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. This might sound disturbing, but this was actually far better than a survey CNBC reported on a few years ago that nearly 70% of Americans had $1,000 or less in savings. Personally, I don’t think it matters which statistical bucket you fall in to claim the following: making an extra $1,000 per month would dramatically improve your life. I know this because I’ve personally witnessed how making an extra $100, $500, or $1,000 per month has positively impacted hundreds of families. It’s why I’ve shifted a lot of my work to helping people make extra money as a side hustle and eventually creating multiple passive income sources. The best part is there are hundreds, if not, thousands of different ways to make extra money. I’ve purposely made this list to include strategies that can work for people with all kinds of skills and talents. You may not be able to

How I Bank over $120,000/Year from Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In 2022: I’ve Been Hitting $150k/Year And Want To Show You How I never thought this would happen to me. In 2 years I went from making $20k to $80k, and am now hitting about $150k/yr (see PayPal report). I did this by dropping all my clients and tried making money with affiliate marketing. So what do I do? My about page has my whole story, but here’s the gist: I write tutorials on WordPress speed optimization and how core web vitals are a ranking factor in Google. Speeding up your website involves hosting, cache plugins, CDNs, lightweight themes, and other services that happen to offer affiliate programs. I show people how to speed up their website (with very detailed guides), then they buy stuff through my affiliate links. It’s a win-win. But there’s one big problem. Affiliate marketing has gotten more competitive. And the amount of bloggers/YouTubers creating affiliate content is insane (people have also become skeptical). So how do you stand