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Happy Birthday to Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook & 5th Richest Person On Earth

It is good to celebrate great people no matter what. Today, Mark turns 34, almost same age with Seun the founder of Nairaland.

Top 10 Richest People in UK in 2018

Hey guys, today I bring to you, the most recent publication with correct figures, of the richest person in the 5th country with the highest number of billionaires, and its no other nation but United Kingdom. This list was published some few hours ago by UK's Sunday Times, and unfortunately, most of the people that made the list have nothing to do with dotcom or internet technology business unlike their American counterparts, which goes a long way to prove that United Kingdom is still very far away when it comes to internet technology, something they really need to work on because in the coming years, they might be going out of business lol...okay enough of my chit chats, let's go straight to the publication. The list goes like this:

Fastest Ways To Generate Product Sales On Your Company Website

One of the greatest advantage of the internet is the wide audience it gives to even businesses in the most remotest parts of the world. With the internet, your business, your company can reach millions of potential clients and buyers from the comfort of your office, without having to spend money moving from one potential client to another trying to convince them to buy your product.