21 May 2020

How To Become Rich Through Working For Others


Contrary to what many believe, that if you want to become rich, you need to stop working for others and start your own business. In as much as this sound like a very perfect advice to those who want to become rich in life, I am here to disappoint you that you don’t really need to start your own business from scratch to become rich. You can actually become rich by working for others as an employee under a pay check or monthly salary.

There is no doubt that majority of the rich billionaires in the world today are entrepreneurs and business persons who dammed the consequences and believed in their business vision by starting up their own business from scratch, I also want to let you know that walking through that route today is more difficult than ever, especially now that companies and organizations are laying off staff in droves due to the economic downturn resulting from coronavirus lockdowns. Even before the global pandemic, starting up and growing a startup to success was never easy, so why continue on the pathway of uncertainty when you can actually walk your way up the ladder of rich list through working for others?

20 May 2020

10 Healthcare Investors That Became Richer Through Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world burns, some persons are smiling to the bank, that is the situation these 10 healthcare billionaires found themselves in. Many may argue that it is inhumane, but then, considering their positive inputs to the fight against COVID-19, from the development of COVID-19 vaccines to testing kits, one cannot dispute the fact that they deserve whatever money they have earned from this global pandemic.

Below are the top 10 healthcare gainers who have collectively banked more than $7 billion since the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11. Europeans dominate the list with five renowned companies, while the US is represented by only two individuals.

How Seun Can Turn Nairaland To a Multi-Billion Tech Business

Haven been an ardent follower of US and global dotcom and tech industries, the unimaginable ways some unknown US tech startups grew from a $1000 business startup to a multi-billion $ business with equities and shares running into billions in a matter of years, I always have this whisper in my head that says Nigeria can become the next tech hub in Africa where the next generation of global technology companies will be birthed, only if our young people would key into this great vision by embracing everything technology and doing away with chasing of crumbs through internet scam and the much abused social media influencing that has turned every Nigerian lady on the social media to a video twerker in their desperate effort to gain few minutes famous that most times doesn’t translate to real sustainable income flow. Okay, that aside, let’s go straight to the topic of the day; how founder of Nairaland can turn Nairaland to a multi-billion business empire.

3 May 2020

Amazon Staffs to Work From Their Homes Until October

According to news reaching our desk from the entrepreneur, some Amazon employees may not be returning to their office for another five months following the latest guidance set out by the company.

As The Seattle Times reports, the updated guidance of no return to work until Oct. 2 is mainly aimed at Amazon's corporate employees, but states specifically that it relates to any "employees who work in a role that can effectively be done from home." A company spokesperson also confirmed that, "We are working hard and investing significant funds to keep those who choose to come to the office safe through physical distancing, deep cleaning, temperature checks, and the availability of face coverings and hand sanitizer."

14 Feb 2020

This University Produces The Most Billionaires in The Whole World!

Despite the popular belief that academic degree does not guarantee financial success, it seems attending certain institutions positions one for financial prosperity in the billions. Maybe this is applicable to some institutions, that we cannot conclude, but maybe after going through this wonderful article, your perspective will change, now let's look at the university that consistently produces the highest number of billionaires in the world, so follow me.