16 May 2021

EXPOSED: China's Secret Plan to Kill The USD & Take Over The World Economy


With trials at the most advanced stage of any other country, China’s digital yuan is poised to have a major impact on both China and the global economy.

The digital yuan, domestically branded as the Digital Currency/Electronic Payment (DCEP) project, is not only set to disrupt the country’s well-developed mobile payment industry and create new efficiencies in the Chinese economy, but could also challenge the supremacy dollar.

28 Nov 2020

How To Make Millions From Turkey Mini Importation Business


This powerful book will show you:

8 Nov 2020

How To Form a Company In The US Online As a Foreigner Outside US


Many non-US based entrepreneurs from around the world encounter a lot of limitations when trying to expand or grow their businesses online and offline just because they do not have a registered company in the US to enable them open a US based bank account which makes their global transaction easier.


In this short but detailed article, I am going to share with you, vital information on how you can register or incorporate a limited liability company also known as LLC in the United States even as a foreigner who live outside the United States.

21 May 2020

How To Become Rich Through Working For Others


Contrary to what many believe, that if you want to become rich, you need to stop working for others and start your own business. In as much as this sound like a very perfect advice to those who want to become rich in life, I am here to disappoint you that you don’t really need to start your own business from scratch to become rich. You can actually become rich by working for others as an employee under a pay check or monthly salary.

There is no doubt that majority of the rich billionaires in the world today are entrepreneurs and business persons who dammed the consequences and believed in their business vision by starting up their own business from scratch, I also want to let you know that walking through that route today is more difficult than ever, especially now that companies and organizations are laying off staff in droves due to the economic downturn resulting from coronavirus lockdowns. Even before the global pandemic, starting up and growing a startup to success was never easy, so why continue on the pathway of uncertainty when you can actually walk your way up the ladder of rich list through working for others?

20 May 2020

10 Healthcare Investors That Became Richer Through Coronavirus Pandemic

As the world burns, some persons are smiling to the bank, that is the situation these 10 healthcare billionaires found themselves in. Many may argue that it is inhumane, but then, considering their positive inputs to the fight against COVID-19, from the development of COVID-19 vaccines to testing kits, one cannot dispute the fact that they deserve whatever money they have earned from this global pandemic.

Below are the top 10 healthcare gainers who have collectively banked more than $7 billion since the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11. Europeans dominate the list with five renowned companies, while the US is represented by only two individuals.