Forex Trading: 5 Best Low-Risk Trading Strategies For Nigerians in 2022

Forex trading in Nigeria has seen increased participation in the world of investment. All thanks to the country’s burgeoning middle-class flourishing economy, and the proliferation of fast and reliable internet access.

As such, forex trading is a potentially lucrative investment approach, which involves currency speculation in the world’s biggest market. There are several defining characteristics of the forex market which make it a unique investment arena for individuals in Nigeria.

There is no centralized foreign exchange market. Instead, this form of over-the-counter (OTC) trading is conducted electronically among traders throughout the world.

The market is open 24 hours a day, five days a week, with currencies being exchanged between the world’s largest financial hubs.

While trading currencies on this vast and volatile global market present many profitable opportunities, it is vital to enter the forex market with a sound strategy that allows traders to mitigate their risk for financial loss as far as possible says Louis Schoeman from

In this post, you will learn the 5 best low-risk forex trading strategies that will allow Nigerian traders to tackle the currency markets with a stable investment approach.

1. Momentum trading strategy

The premise behind momentum forex trading and the use of momentum indicators is that a significant price movement in one direction is a positive sign that a price trend will continue in that direction for a while.

Loss of momentum can be an indication that a trend is losing steam and may be headed for a turnaround as well.

Price and volume are regularly taken into account when employing momentum techniques for forex trading in Nigeria, which often makes use of oscillators and candlestick charts as visual analytical aids.

2. Range forex trading strategy

The theory behind range forex trading is that prices tend to remain stable and predictable over the course of a specific time period. Markets with predictable economies and currencies that aren’t frequently affected by unexpected news occurrences are ideal for this strategy.

The relative strength index, the commodities channel index, and stochastics can all be used by range traders to identify opportune trade entry and exit points.

In order to make consistent profits, range traders must be able to buy and sell at predetermined resistance and support levels at regular intervals.

To use this strategy effectively for forex trading in Nigeria, it is worth combining both technical and fundamental analysis in order to take a longer view of market trends.

Fundamental analysis involves observing news trends and collecting other important market data which will allow you to interpret the direction in which the markets are headed.

3. Trend trading strategy

Another popular and prevalent forex trading approach is trend trading. It’s very simple to follow and understand for beginners.

Moving averages, relative strength indicators, volume measurements, directional indices, and stochastics are all used by trend traders to evaluate trends.

If you discover an upward or negative trend in currency prices, you can then determine the best time to buy or sell. In addition to the currency’s price position within the trend, the strength of the trend is also taken into account when making these predictions.

4. Using fundamental analysis

A country’s economic data has a wealth of information that may be used to predict future trade and investment patterns. Concentrating on a few key indications simplifies the process.

There are a number of major elements that can affect a country’s economy and currency, including retail sales, GDP, industrial production, the CPI, inflation, purchasing managers’ index data, housing data, and many more.

Forex traders use fundamental analysis to determine if a currency is cheap or overvalued based on the country’s economic fundamentals. They also use data to try to predict how the currency’s value will change in the future in relation to another currency.

5. Breakout forex trading strategy

Breakout forex trading is an excellent alternative for newcomers to the forex market because it is one of the easiest strategies to learn.

Any price movement outside of a designated support or resistance range is referred to as a “breakout”. “Bullish” breakout patterns emerge when prices rise over resistance levels. Alternatively, “bearish” breakout patterns can also occur when prices fall below key support levels.

Due to the fact that market volatility generally begins with breakouts, breakout trading is an important method. The volatility of the market can be used to a trader’s advantage if he or she waits for a price level to break before jumping into a new trend.

A useful tip when applying stop-loss orders using a breakout strategy is to do it no more than a few ticks above or below the breakout candle. That way, your bets will be linked to prior levels of support or resistance.

Integrating fundamental analysis here will also allow you to detect whether there is a false breakout occurring so it is important to keep tabs on major news announcements that may shift the markets in this regard.

Breakout strategies are highly common amongst Forex traders as they give a strong indication of good buy or sell points and therefore can result in strong profits.

Final thoughts

Successful forex trading in Nigeria relies on a sound strategy that will allow you to determine the best entry and exit points in the markets, and which will cause you to approach the forex markets with a risk-adjusted mindset.

Added to this, using a strategized approach allows you to retain focus while not succumbing to the emotions that so often overtake beginner traders. Such emotional thinking can result in critical mistakes and lead to discouragement in your trading.

Whichever strategy you choose will ultimately depend on your own trading goals, but it is also important to find the strategy that works best for your experience level, the resources at your disposal, and your trading profile.

Finally, it is vital to backtest several strategies before settling on the one that works best for you. By making use of a demo account from a reputable broker, you can test your strategies against real market conditions without risking any of your own money.


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