20 Business Ideas That Can Generate Millions Monthly

Are you looking for business ideas to help you make extra income? Then we have you covered. There are valid reasons you should consider developing extra income channels. If you are working and you have spare time each day, then we have you convened in this article. If you have your weekend off and want to be productive then we have you covered with business ideas too. Or maybe you have extra money you want to put into use and make more money, keep reading.

Here are the top business ideas to make extra income.


It very eases to bake bread and cakes in a small area. You require a small amount of capital to start this business. You may decide to either bake at home or sell to the neighbours for a start  or get a small kiosk in the market or in town where you can sell. If you opt to start in a kiosk you must first seek permission from the relevant authorities and go through certain procedures to obtain a license for the business. If you are busy, you can tire someone to handle it for you.


These days many people have their own cars and the demand for the services is high in every place, therefore, starting this kind of business will bring in a large profit. You should set up this kind of business at a bus terminal as many cars visit these areas.


You may also consider setting up this kind of business in your area and pricing the food a bit cheaper than others so as to attract more customers. This business will surely thrive as people cannot do work on a hungry stomach. The foods should be tasteful and of different variety to meet every customer need.


Drivers really earn a lot of money per day due to the increased number of people traveling every day to and from work. This acts a motivation to them as work will always be at the peak. If you have a car, you can register and do Uber at your free time or off days from work to multiply your income. If you want to take it further, you can put many cars in Uber and get drivers to drive. That is like having your own company and earning good!


People have become lazy these days and companies have opted to hire people who could deliver foods to their customers to their homes. Approach food companies and stores, offer to help them deliver food. Get a motorbike and hire people or drive yourself.


Manpower is required everywhere now in every specialization. Most people are needed in companies as delivery boys, to work in sites, to work as a typist and many other services.


You may decide to extend a business’s Gmail. This is helpful as the company’s feedback is provided, products advertised and the market is promoted.


This is among the easiest to start as many people these days don’t go to professionals as they charge highly. Therefore, people go to local but outstanding personnel to plan their weddings. To top it up, it is difficult for a wedding to be planned without a wedding planner.


Creating a blog is another method one can use to generate income. Companies need to keep their customers and prospective customers up to date cannot do that without a platform. This job is therefore left to other persons who are paid highly for their services. If you are a novie in blogging, then make sure you read our guide: How to create a blog in less than 20 minutes


Once you discover you are passionate and knowledgeable at a particular subject, it is advisable to start a website as many people visit it to collect the information they need for that particular subject.


If you know any industry or business, you can easily create and sell on an online course that educates you on skillful ways of advertising and promoting the market. Read: How to make money creating and selling online course


This refers to the translating of a company’s website, article, and documents for a pay. It requires one to have full knowledge of different and many languages.


You can use your past experience or that of others to provide advice that will be useful to people and also ways of solving problems in the future or now.


In these days, people have ventured greatly in farming activities and this can be an idea for you whereby you sell farm equipment and advice to these farmers.


Organizing events such as birthdays, parties and other functions earn a lot because events are run several times with different people.


People these days are made aware of health drinks and are rare to find hence this will attract many people.


Love is mostly expressed by flowers and many people and therefore starting this business will have a large profit margin. Do you know how many people buy flowers? Just walk around premium residential areas and you will be amazed! that is a business opportunity! Especially if you offer your buyers after-sales-service.


You may decide to become a trainer of what you are passionate about or anything you have knowledge of for example being a gym trainer. So many people are becoming conscious of their health and well being.


Being an internet fame can be an added advantage to many people as they may use their followers and viewers as the market for their products by advertising their products online.


Majority of people have opted to start an online business of writing as one earns a lot within a few hours. One needs only to create an account and follow simple instructions given.


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