The Real truth On How To Gain Traffic To Your Blog Or Affiliate Link


Well it depends on the type of traffic method you are using... i don't know the type or what methods you have tried that hasn't worked for you, You didn't specify that

If perhaps you have a mentor, you should talk to him/her they can provide something new for you to try out

That said, I can give some tips. I use myself to get more attention And Traffic....

Am gonna divide My Answer into two Parts


  1. SEO: This takes some time ,but if done right can bring in productive results from Google. I remembered when I started blogging a long time ago, I optimized my website for SEO by downloading Yoast SEO plugin...

Then I wrote unique original content , at least one per day, and googled some websites that accept guest posting and requested to write for them so as to link back to my website and get traffic to my site , this here is called backlinking... Some Blogs actually accept my write up but some said it's not good enough for their blogs.

Though that didn't stop me Or discourage me.. Because one funny thing about this internet business is that you never get tired of doing trial and error, one day just one day it will all make sense. though i researched more on relevant questions people ask from yahoo, forums and google so as to gain more idea of topics i can guest post on

I also research on the websites am guest posting for to know the kind of post there accept and what there do not accept to also know their rules and regulations

and over time I was good at it and I started getting a few people coming to my website through my guest posting....

Most people do guest posting to other blogs for many reasons including getting paid,, but i didn't care about getting paid, i just care about getting attention and followers to my websites

2. If however you find guest posting not your thing. You can try doing Social media marketing: Join groups on Facebooks, when I mean groups I mean groups related to your niche, join as many as possible, and post your blog links to each of them maybe 10 groups per day with an interesting title and picture..

Also add people that are interested in what you are doing or people that are talking about it, and post daily about your niche on your timeline. You Can be giving them inspirational posts or writing about what happened to you some days and how you overcame it using what you are promoting.. Whatever It is just make sure you always link back to Your blog post

Same goes for Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Social media marketing was one of the things I did when starting out. Although it took me 6 months to start getting traffic through my social media accounts, because it takes time to build up momentum, but when set up consistently the traffic just keeps coming in without me doing anything

3. Forum marketing: Most bloggers and people I know specifically have had massive success with traffic doing forum marketing. i a bit of forum marketing and i saw some slight result back then

  • The first thing to do is to go on google and find forums related to the niche market you are promoting. Say for example you promote a product on how to build up six packs, you’ll want to find a list of forums related to bodybuilding. Gaming, bodybuilding products, and so on.
  • Once you’ve got this list, sign up on all of them. And don't forget to always write down your username and password on your notepad
  • After signing up, create a profile for each of the forums and write down your signature text for each. In case you are wondering what this is, “ the short bit of text that appears underneath every post you make, is your signature text”.

And NOTE For your signature text you'll want to include a call to action.

Here's an example; “Do you want to build up six packs from scratch? If so then check out xxx (name of product) product right here”

  • Insert your affiliate link to the product you're promoting in the form of a clickable link. This way once people read your call to action and then click on your affiliate link they'll be taken to the product sales page.

Now don't think everything is all set up just yet. All You’ve got to do now is to spend at least 30 minutes each day to be part of the forum communities by contributing and making teachable posts. Please note NO SPAMMING.

4. Youtube: You can open a Youtube channel and make videos on anything related to your niche,,, it can be tutorials or product reviews, or motivation talks or anything at all... I personally do not use youtube to get attention because I am not so good at videos and I do not have the time for it. However if you are someone who doesn't blush on camera, you can make youtube videos on your channel. Use catchy title tags and thumbnails on your videos then link back to your blog or squeeze page

5. Commenting on Blog post: You can opt in into different blogs and see which post has enough comments. Once you find them you can comment on each post with relevant write ups and link back to your blog. make it look like a form of suggestion for readers to learn more about what is being discussed. Don't make it look like you are spamming


There are lots of paid methods you can try out, if however you are not on a tight budget. I will just mention a few right here..

1. Social media ads:

Facebook Ads: I tried Fb ads just once but it never worked out for me. I lost a lot of money during that time, maybe because I tried to learn it on my own without having the proper training and step by step method on how to do it...

But I have seen lots of people getting results with FB ads, especially those that paid to learn the tactics of Fb ads... To Get favorable results with this look for someone who has been using Fb ads and ask for his/her services, pay for it if necessary. It's worth it...

You can also try using Instagram, twitter, and Quora Ads, just make sure you do a lot of research on how it works before paying for any platform

2. Google Ads: You Can also try using google ads, it's also a good idea and quite easy to use. Open a google AdSense account if you don't have any and pay for an ad. your ad will be displayed on search results Also you may need a bit of researching on how to do this

3, Udemy: You can go to Udemy and buy solo ads. research and find a good contact to buy from by checking his/her review page if they deliver quality solos.. What you should be looking for is, if people are making sales with the solos they deliver and not just opt-ins I think you can see a solo for a $100 minimum. last i check, depending on the amount of traffic you need though

4. Warrior Forum: You can go over to warrior forum and buy ads on warrior forum depending on the number of clicks you want.

5. Word profit: I did use this one because a friend recommended it to me and am still using it till date because it delivers just the amount of traffic I need.. the charge is $99 per month but it's totally worth it and recommendable...

That said you can dig around google to find what works best for you. One thing to always keep in mind is, you can't just start a blog and expect to see results within 1 month or 2 months, you need to put in the work effort finding and applying different methods to see which works and which does not. in this case trial and error should be your best friend here and google should be your closest partner

Always write Catchy and interesting Contents that will engage your audience into reading more on your blog… Your Squeeze page should also have an un-resistible call to action.. doing all this will drag your audience attention into spending more time on your blog..

It always takes time. I personally started seeing traffic to my blog 6 months after I started and I started seeing profit one year after that. And this was because i applied numerous traffic methods both paid and free.. and i was patient enough never ever to give up with time all things will fall to place

Hope this helps friend

Till next time


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