How To Promote Your New Blog

How do you promote your blog? Do you share it on social media once and hope for the best? Sadly, that’s not going to work. I will highlight 10 top ways to promote a new blog.

Unless you have millions of fans who live and breathe your every word. But I’m guessing you’ve not reached celebrity status yet.

In the meantime, why not try some of these ideas. Most are free, so what have you got to lose?

What is the most effective way to promote a blog? I use search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Truly, there is no right and wrong answer to this, it all depend on your marketing strategy. My preferred method of promotion may be different from yours. Also, marketing strategy that works for me may not work for you.

Use any of the below methods, see which one will work best for you.

Here are 10 Top Ways to Promote a New Blog:

1. Word of mouth

Let your family and friends know about your blog. Inform as many people around you on what you are looking to achieve with your new endeavour.

Although words may not spread fast about your blog, it could help bring you the initial traffic needed to kick-start it.

2. Submit to Search Engines

The greatest source of free organic traffic to any website comes from search engine. Make sure you submit it to them in order to get your blog indexed.

Submitting to search engines only take few minutes. In order to submit your URL to Google, login to your Google account and submit to the Google search console.

3. Use SEO strategy

Over the years, search engine optimization strategy (SEO) has proven to be an effective marketing strategy. With SEO, your marketing campaign will be directed towards your blog attaining high ranking is search engine result pages (SERPs).

The use of SEO as a promotional strategy will improve your site visibility; in addition, it will help with free organic traffic and increase conversion rate.

4. Create and promote with contents

Using contents as a form of marketing strategy to promote your blog is a great idea. As a matter of fact, well written contents will bring dedicated audience to your blog.

With your contents, you will be able to market your ideas to the right prospect.

First thing to remember, you should always put your audience in mind when writing a post.

For example, your post should add value to your readers. A well written content will not only attract readers, but also be shared across all platforms. Hence, it will give you the necessary publicity.

5. Promote on social media platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms you should leverage on. In fact, most of your target audience are there waiting to read from you.

Try to build loyal followers and join groups on these platforms to maximize your blog post exposure. If you post valuable contents on these social media platforms, members will share your contents for you; without you even asking them to do so.

In addition to the social media platforms, you need to join “value added WhatsApp” groups. WhatsApp groups make it easy to promote your blog.

6. Guest blog

Guest blog is the process of writing contents for other website and blogs. It is common practice among blogger to gain more exposure.

If you do not guest blog, you are missing out on an effective way to market your blog. In fact, guest blogging will increase your exposure and brand awareness.

Here are other advantages of guest blogging:

Get quality backlinks to your blog. Include authors’ bio for exposure.

Build authority in your niche. Your guest blog shows that you have in-depth knowledge of the topic.

Attract traffic back to your site. Readers may sometime click on backlinks for more info.

Advertise (paid traffic)

By advertising your blog, it gives it more exposure. Although, you paying to promote your site, doing so on an appropriate paid media can help you gain more exposure.

Most popular paid traffic avenue include Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

7. Email marketing

Despite all the latest marketing fads, email remains the most powerful and cost-effective.

Studies have shown email to offer an ROI of around 4200%.

It’s still the favorite means of communication for many people. Think about it: every account you sign up for typically requires an email address.

Email your list

Emailing your list of subscribers is one of the best ways to start driving traffic to your latest blog post. But don’t leave it there. Ask them to comment, like, and share it with their community so that you can reach a wider circle of people.

And it stands to reason that if someone is already a subscriber, they’ll be more likely to share your content with their followers.

8. Use an email signature

Include a link to your latest blog post in your email signature. It’s a simple and subtle way to promote your content. And you never know which recipient might click and read.  Use a professional email signature with links to your social profiles and latest blog post.

9. Social groups, communities, and forums

Online communities give you the opportunity to contribute, build relationships, and establish your authority. But, like Reddit, it won’t work if you only drop links. You have to provide more value by getting involved in discussions.

Look for established groups that are active and have good moderation. And use the platforms that suit your niche:

Facebook groups

Pinterest groups

LinkedIn groups

Web forums


10. Blog commenting

When you start commenting on the top blogs in your niche, you’ll get the attention of other commenters and the blog owner. If your comment is useful, then other readers will go and check out your blog. And, ultimately, you might even get an invitation from the blog owner to write a guest post.

But, more than anything this is about relationship building – some great connections and friendships can come out of it as a result.

It’s those friendships and connections that will help you promote your content better in future. Just be sure to avoid dropping links to your content within comment itself.


With so many blog promotion tactics listed here, it’s impossible to use them all at once.

Start off with one or two blog promotion strategies and see what works best.

Then try adding another one. And then another. Until you find works for you.

It might be that one tactic works for one blog post and a different tactic works for another, depending on your content and audience. Try not to be too hasty when eliminating a strategy as some might take longer to work than others.

Do you want to start a blog?


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