5 Skills That Will Make You Successful As A Realtor

Are You currently Complaining of low sales or Even still looking to make your First Sales As a Realtor ? How Market?.

Lack of Money has never been the Problem but it is simply a sympton of the problem.

What the Problem really is , is a lack of skill.

Have you ever heard stories of lottery winners who suddenly won a huge amount of money like a million dollars , 20 Million dollars ,millions and millions of dollars or even Naira in Nigeria. 

Only found themselves later broke ,bankrupt sometimes worse off than they were financially. Why is that , they have money ,but they don't have the skills of the True Wealthy People.

Here are 5 Skills to Master if you want to be Rich.

As we go through this skills you need to assess yourself and ask yourself , where am I on a scale of 0- 10 �‍♀�‍♂with this skill and make necessary adjustments. 0 means You extremely poor , 10 means Outstanding or world class.

Skill Number 1

The Ability to talk to customers persuasively , this skill is called closing skill. Do you know how to close . Can you articulate the value of what you do to your potential clients? Do you know how to ask powerful questions that compel to buy, Are you comfortable talking to strangers ,presenting your ideas , demonstrating your product or service? Closing skill is one of the most Important skill you need to Master if you are going to successful financially. When you are talking to customers you are closing when you are talking to vendors trying to persuade them to better terms, Guess what you are closing. When you are talking to your Employees you are closing.

Skill No 2- Ability to speak to groups this is known as Public Speaking Skill.

Do you know the number 1 fear most people have in life , it is not death and not even a snake or fall from a tall building .Number 1 Fear most people have is public speaking. Why are so Many People afraid of speaking to groups?

Most of the time this people worry if they are going to sound stupid, or look Different or they are afraid of making mistakes but when you look at any great Leader they are great Public speakers such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Presidents of Countries, MDs of any Major Corporate Organization. Public speaking is a key skill to Master. You develop confidence, self esteem when you master this skill. Ask yourself are you afraid of speaking to groups , can you communicate with conviction and certainty? Can you interact with Your Audience? Do you that panicking , sweating , your face turns pale , your knees would be locked that is okay at the beginning . it is a learnable skill but in order to successful financially you need to master this skill of public speaking.

Skill No 3-:Ability to communicate with words in print or persuasion in print you can also call this copy writing skill. This is about communication, maybe on your website , your video, your blog , your email , How do you communicate with written words ? why is this so important, the emails you send the social media posts , the agreement, the contract, your lengthy post or your blog. A lot of that is written communication. And when you know how to communicate effectively through written words it gives you leverage. When you create a social media post and you have a decent amount of following and what you write and what you say is seen by hundreds of people ,thousands of people. Or millions of people . via paid ads or when you have a large following online.

Skill Number 4 The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your team , this is called Leadership Skill. Leadership skill is not a positional skill eg MD CEO or President or Job Titles. Anyone can have this skills. 

To be an Effective Leader ,you must become an Effective Communicator. Are you communicating with well with your team. Are you communicating the vision clearly with your partners and team. Do you know how to create an organization Culture within your team. Business is not a Solo sport, it is a team sport especially for People who in the Big Business owners , Network marketing and Investors category. You are only as good as your team.

Skill Number 5

The Ability to Manage and organize your time for Maximum and Productive Results. This is also known as Time Management.

Priority Management skill is another name for it. We only have 365 days , 52 weeks a year , 30 /31 days a month, 7 days a Week. You cannot manage time what you can manage is your priorities.

What are the important things to focus on that can and will help you to move closer to your goals. 

The Problem is in the School, you are not taught how to manage your priorities you do your home work, your exams, take care of your families , doing a lot of activities and things.

Most People never take time to review or look their January ,February or even how their Week went, What is the payoff of all these activities?

Priority management is self management. How do you manage your self ? How do you manage your time . this is what separates the rich from the mediocre or poor. They avoid minimum wage activities.

Ubong king says it is a waste of Executive time to be thinking small. The rich delegate some activities and systemise them to get the job done. 

Dr Laide Okubena


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