5 Digital Marketing Golden Opportunities That Will Help You Increase Sales

Digital Marketing is not a trend anymore. Nowadays, Internet is a promising business field and it doesn’t look at sectors. It is strictly necessary to offer your customers a digital experience.

Marketing online comprises different sectors that must be exploited according to the needs of your company and your clients. Each area allows a unique communication with specific characteristics that permit you to gain and retain clients. Check some digital marketing options that you can use in order to improve sales!

1. Updated Website

The website of your company is the entrance door. It is usually the first virtual contact a costumer might have with your company and whenever they have doubts, the website is used to find the answers. The website should transmit confidence and credibility. Therefore, it is crucial to show the businesses that your company works in, services/products offered and contact details.

Nowadays, Smartphones and Tablets play an important role when it comes to Internet Access Devices. It is extremely important to have a responsive layout. This way you will make sure that your services can be seen by anyone, anywhere.

2. Social Networks

The benefits of being in the different social networks are unlimited. More than receiving promotions, people want to “feel” a different experience with your brand and the social networks are the perfect channel for this.

In Facebook for example, the idea is to create a FanPage (corporate page) so you can be in touch with your clients in a free and easy way. There is also the possibility of investing in sponsored ads, broadening your range of action and reaching a specific audience. Facebook is actually the biggest social network with more than 1 Billion users, which can become an excellent investment option for your company.

On another hand, Twitter holds a completely different dynamic. It allows you to post news with a maximum of 140 characters. It is used to spread fast and short news and therefore, used more often than Facebook.

There are other options such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. All of them have different characteristics and this broadens the type of communications you can have with your customers.

3. Email Marketing Campaigns

The Email is still one of the main ways of contact, personal and professionally speaking. When done correctly, it can have a high return. One of its unique characteristics is the permission that you ask to send different types of content and this makes it more personal than other communication channels.

You will only send emails to people that are actually interested in the content you are sharing and in the services of your company.

The Email Marketing Campaigns should be planned strategically. It is vital to follow the rules of the game with relevant content, interesting and attractive subjects. NEVER buy contact lists! 

4. AdWords

AdWords consists in the creation of paid ads for the different browsers, based on certain keywords. This option allows you to create ads right below Google’s search bar and on its right bar as well. If your company is willing to pay for the clicks of the clients, your company can easily reach the first position of the ads. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) helps your company, through ads, to obtain the specific audience that is searching for a respective service/product. Your ads will only be available when a person is searching for a particular keyword, word that should make part of the businesses of your company.

5. Start SEOing (Search Engine Optimization)

In order to reach the best positions in the browsers it is necessary to invest in SEO. The free part: use relevant keywords in your website that describe your services and company. There are other criteria that influence the position such as stability of the website, hard bounces and others. This is a hard and continuous work. Don’t think you will get results right away. If you don’t have the know-how to do it, we recommend that you search for a company/freelancer to help you out.

Time, Dedication and Planning! These are the keywords when it comes to Digital Marketing.


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