How to gain consistent traffic to your blog

To become a successful blogger, you need consistent traffic which is sometimes refer to audience. Writing contents on your blog without audience is a fruitless struggle. There's no other way to make money on a blog without traffic.

In the last post, we talked about how you can make millions from blogging. To make this possible, you need solid and consistent traffic. Starting a blog without audience is like giving a life-changing lesson in a desert. You'll only see yourself and nobody else.

So for your blog to move from a desert-like platform to a populated urban area-like where you can find people who are interested in your niche. So, you need to take some action. The method and steps to take is simple and stress-free. The ways to promote your blog is by:

1. Write more contents

Studies have discovered that the more you update your blog, the more traffic it will receive. Writing up to date article regularly will make old visitors visit your blog again. This method works very fast and one of the easiest way to generate traffic to your blog.

People will come back to your blog everyday, when there is fresh and new post. So, if you've problem writing quality contents, you can hire a content writer or blog moderator to do the job for you. You can never go wrong with this method.

2. Promote with social media

Promote your blog on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. This method works by creating a page and group, building an audience in your niche. Building your Facebook group or page may take time. 

So, the alternative is to buy a group or page with established and engaging followers with common interest. Promoting your blog is not limited to Facebook alone, you can use other social media platforms too.

3. Write a good title 

What will prompt people to click on your link is the headline of your content. Don't write a click bait title, instead, write a title that summarize your content. According to surveys, people are less likely to click on click-bait titles, many consider it as an act to persuade them to your blog.

This will work very much if you include keyphrase in your title and make it short and simple.

4. Launch an Ads

You can also gain more traffic by launching a campaign on a social networking site or Advertisement company like Google, Propeller, Ezoic and many more. This is a tested and confirmed way to drive consistent traffic to your blog.

Using this method requires money, so if you're thinking of trying this, just understand that it will cost you a lot of money. Also, launching an ads for your blog on Facebook is not advisable if you've Google Adsense on your blog. It will result in Ads limit. 

In conclusion, blogging requires hardwork and putting more effort. If you're handling blog, you have to handle the way you business. Generating traffic to your blog requires patience and consistency.


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