4 Mistakes To Avoid As A Youtuber


Being a YouTuber requires a lot of stress and time and one have to avoid some mistakes so as to have unique contents and large followers. From finding subscribers for your channel to working hard to delivering new contents. 

For you to be a successful YouTube, you have to avoid some mistakes which may lead to YouTube closing your channel. It can be very painful tho, when it's time to monetize your channel and YouTube ban you from posting contents.

There are some common mistakes that can lead to the end of your YouTube channel. Be familiar with this problems so as to avoid them in the future. For clarity sake, please read this article till the end.

1. Imitating top content creator

On your way to getting monetized, don't copy a top content creator system. It may lead to problems you will find very hard to solve. Bring in your new creative ideas and have subscribers who love you for your unique contents. 

Also note that this doesn't mean you shouldn't have a role model who you admire. You're admire and look up to him because of his quality contents. So avoid copying a role model or any top YouTuber to avoid stories that touch.

2. Not spending time and money on your channel

Invest both of your time and money in your YouTube channel for a better and faster result. Imagine a cloth trader who sit in his shop waiting for customers in the same block with competitors who promote their products to everyone passing by, the trader will hardly see a customer. 

That's how YouTube is, you have to promote your contents to every hooks and crannies. Even if it required launching ads to have more views on contents, launch an ad campaign with any social media platform. 

3. Don't be a Jack of all trade and master to none

As a YouTuber you need to have a particular niche you are good at. Posting too much contents variety confuse your audience. So make sure you focus on a certain niche you are passionate about. 

This act apply to those who change niche or post different videos because it is trending and has a lot of viewers. Changing niche like chameleon changing its skin colour is the fastest way to get frustrated and quit due to fruitless result.

4. Don't be a Thomas with your contents 

When you're creating content, don't kill your goal with doubt. You've to focus and concentrate, then have a mindset that the content you created is going places. Not having believe in your content can also be refer to lack of self-confidence. 

After putting all your effort to create a video don't ask yourself degrading questions like "Can this video get thousands of views?" and many other things that may come to your mind. Any thought that will make you lose your self-confidence should be cleared. 

In conclusion, creating a unique video for your YouTube audience require hard work and spending more time. 

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