How Seun Can Turn Nairaland To a Multi-Billion Tech Business

Haven been an ardent follower of US and global dotcom and tech industries, the unimaginable ways some unknown US tech startups grew from a $1000 business startup to a multi-billion $ business with equities and shares running into billions in a matter of years, I always have this whisper in my head that says Nigeria can become the next tech hub in Africa where the next generation of global technology companies will be birthed, only if our young people would key into this great vision by embracing everything technology and doing away with chasing of crumbs through internet scam and the much abused social media influencing that has turned every Nigerian lady on the social media to a video twerker in their desperate effort to gain few minutes famous that most times doesn’t translate to real sustainable income flow. Okay, that aside, let’s go straight to the topic of the day; how founder of Nairaland can turn Nairaland to a multi-billion business empire.

For those of you who don’t know already, Nairaland was created as far back as 2005 by a young Nigerian guy from Ogun State who had passion for computer programming, Seun Osewa. His vision to build a platform that will bring all Nigerians together for interaction and discussion on life issues has finally came to reality because as you are reading this, Nairaland is no doubt the most popular forum website in Africa, and among the top 10 most visited websites in Nigeria with an estimated population of 210 million people. That is not a small feat if you understand how website traffic works.

Now, my concern, and the major reason I am writing this short article is to awaken the founder of Nairaland Seun Osewa to the fact that he can turn the fortune of Nairaland around to become one of the richest tech businesses in Nigeria. This is doable. First, he needs to find a way to restructure the board of Nairaland company, and get more investors on board. During this process, Nairaland can be made to go public through official listing on Nigerian Stock Exchange and after a few years, he can proceed to foreign listing.

But before investors can show interest in investing on Nairaland, Seun needs to find a way to boost the revenues on Nairaland, relying on paid adverts alone is not enough to give investors return on their investments. I have a practical plan on how Nairaland’s revenue can be diversified to increase its daily, weekly, and monthly revenue, I am open to discussion on this with Seun Osewa.

With over 2 million registered users and a massive daily traffic of people from all over the world, Nairaland’s revenue can be turnaround to a multi-million business empire on its way to becoming one of the tech giants in Africa and the world. During this revamping process, the board will need to study the Nigerian tech industry, and look for a way to become a key player in leading Nigeria to a tech startup revolution, in which Nairaland will become a shareholder, and in few years from now, the name Nairaland will become a household name.


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