This University Produces The Most Billionaires in The Whole World!

Despite the popular belief that academic degree does not guarantee financial success, it seems attending certain institutions positions one for financial prosperity in the billions. Maybe this is applicable to some institutions, that we cannot conclude, but maybe after going through this wonderful article, your perspective will change, now let's look at the university that consistently produces the highest number of billionaires in the world, so follow me.

As of 2019, Harvard University has housed more self-made billionaires than any other institution in the entire world. A collective 51 attendees have gone on to secure a combined net worth of $377 billion. Stanford University (34 billionaires), Harvard Business School ((20 billionaires), Columbia University (16 billionaires) and The University of Southern California (14 billionaires) round out the top five.

Fudan and Peking University-which are both located in China and Moscow State University in Russia are the only intuitions outside of the US to crack the top ten.

Despite conventional wisdom, the greater share of self-made billionaires did not study economics during their college careers but are instead holders of Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Arts and Science.

Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA), and Master and Doctorate degrees in Science were the next most popular choices with 148, 94 and 38 billionaires pursuing them respectively. A modest 31% of self-made entrepreneurs hold more than one degree.

“A small number have three degrees to their name, while just 3 out of over 800 have managed to find the time to pursue four degrees, such as hedge fund manager Cliff Asness, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with dual degrees, before completing an MBA and a Doctorate from the University of Chicago, Frobisher explained. “However, it turns out that you don’t necessarily need to go to university at all to be successful.

It should be noted that 40 of the most affluent individuals in the world have never attended a university and 62 entrepreneurs belonging to this same demographic dropped out before they received a diploma. These self-made magnates began their respective organizations right out of high school. Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates are some of the more renowned members of this elite club.

List of the Universities World Richest Attended
Harvard University, 51
Stanford University, 34
Harvard Business School, 20
Columbia University, 16
University of Southern California, 14
Fudan University, 13
Moscow State University, 13
New York University, 13
University of California, Los Angeles, 12
Cornell University, 11

List of the Degrees Richest People in the World Obtained
Bachelor of Arts/Science, 526
Master of Business Administration, 148
Master of Science, 94
Doctorate, 38
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, 33
Doctor of Jurisprudence, 32
Diploma, 31
EMBA, 23
Medical Doctor, 17
Ph.D, 16

List of Countries with Richest People in the World
United States, 615
China, 150
Russia, 92
India, 36
United Kingdom, 30


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