10 Reliable Online Platforms To Get Funding for Your Business Startup

Starting up a business sound so trendy and promising, but nurturing your business idea to become a successful brand is always the major problem every aspiring entrepreneur encounters. This is why having a good and viable business startup idea is not enough to qualify you as an entrepreneur, because building a successful business startup goes beyond good idea and vision, you must consider the skills, and of course the funding.

In this short article, I will be showing you 10 reliable places you can go to secure funding for your business startup. But remember, before you can get good result from these platforms, you must have taken time to build your startup portfolio to look attractive to potential angel investors who have the money and are looking for where to invest their money for growth. Again, you must also remember that even though these investors are called angel investors, they are not people looking for where to throw their money to for free, no, even though they are angels, they still expect some reward from their investment in your startup. Having this at the back of your mind as a startup entrepreneur will help you prepare your startup profile and portfolio in a way it will be irresistible to a potential angel.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s go straight to the list of the platforms where you can go to secure funding for your business startup for free.

Free classified ad listing site.

U.S owned website for global startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at IT to connect.

This platform is very good for African startups looking to secure foreign funding for their business startups.

This is Amazon business startup listing service. You will need to search for the category that suits your startup and list for free.

Sometimes, all you need to succeed in your startup is just inspiration from successful entrepreneurs. With crunchbase, you can discover innovative companies and the people behind them as a way of inspiring yourself.

Free network where founders get deals, list & recruit Startup jobs, apply for funding & Investors find startups.

Startup funding platform to connect with accredited angel and startup investors. I strongly recommend this platform for serious startup entrepreneurs looking for funding for their startups. The platform offers a comprehensive evaluation of your business and a tool to help you build a compelling profile for your business venture to give you a better chance of securing that initial seed funding.

As a new startup entrepreneur, funding may not be all you need to succeed, but quality information about other successful startups and some ideas can help position your business startup for a greater height. This platform will expose you to things you can do right to succeed as a new entrepreneur.

What if you decide to sell your startup for any reason, where do you go for that? Sideprojectors offer that wonderful marketplace to sell and buy interesting side projects from other people.

Some investors request for a previously published press report about your startup to convince them about the prospect of your startup before they can cough out their hard earned money to invest, and when in such need, there are little or no place to run to for that, which is why submit was founded, to help startup entrepreneurs get press coverage for their startup.

This is another great place for Startups to post their startups and apps.

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