How To Start a Digital Marketing Company That Will Fetch You Steady Income Online

I am sure you have heard about digital marketing several times and didn’t know what to make of it. I am also very sure that when you about digital marketing, you see it as some sort bullshit that everybody online is just trying to talk about to appear trendy. But little did you know that digital marketing is one of the hottest internet money making secret all over the world today, so the earlier you join the queue the better for you.

Listen and listen very well, becoming successful and financial free in life requires lots of brain work, not necessarily physical hard work like many believe, all you need to become financially rich or successful in today world is to engage your thinking faculty; think out of the box, stop dulling your brain, people are cashing out millions online through legal money making internet businesses. Gone are the days internet scammers and fraudsters are the highest income earners online, that era is over, so you better discard that belief that only those doing illegal businesses online scamming naïve and over ambitious people using all sorts of scamming techniques are the biggest earners, they are not.

I can boldly tell you that I know at least 5 young Nigerians making money legitimately online without engaging in any shady deal or something of that nature despite the numerous restrictions most online money making platforms place on Nigeria due to the fraudulent practices of few unscrupulous Nigerians who has made it their calling to ensure Nigeria’s image is totally damaged in the international world when it comes to internet business. So you don’t have any excuse to remain financially broke in 2019 and beyond because the internet has made it very easy for everybody and anybody to make money online legitimately using their own style and skill, but first, do you have a skill?

Remember before you can make money online, you must offer a service to people that will make them to trust you with their hard earned money, so what service can you offer online to make money legitimately online? This takes us back to our topic of the day; starting a digital marketing company that will fetch you steady income online.

But before we go into the process of starting up a digital marketing company online, let us first look at what digital marketing is all about, just for the newbies who may be wondering what this topic is all about.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all kind of activity which takes place online to promote your brand, or to drive sales for your business or services. Any company wanting to reach out to an audience nowadays needs to have a digital presence, without a digital presence, it’s going to be very difficult for them to get enough sales.

The world has gone digital, and traditional marketing methods are no longer as effective and efficient as in previous years; and the more time passes, the more this becomes more evident, and the more reason you should startup your own digital marketing company now.

Nowadays, everyone is on their phones, thanks to smart phone technology and to the introduction and constant development of smart phones; when just a few years ago, much of the activity done online was carried out through laptops and stand-alone computers.

Today, it’s all about being able to type in two words in a search engine to get an immediate answer.

Need to know the nearest eatery or pizza outlet to you? Google it and you will get accurate answers with direction, all thanks to Google map, Google My Business and Google search engine.

Need to know where you can go to buy yourself a new dress for an upcoming wedding or dinner party? Google it!

Everything you need is just one click away.

Many individuals and companies spend the bulk of their Marketing budgets on Digital accessibility to their potential customers, and this is where you come in; start a digital marketing company that will help companies, individuals and brands get powerful online presence through efficient digital accessibility.

How can you achieve this?

You need some skill set to be able to start up a digital marketing company companies and brands will hire and patronize. Remember, for you to excel in any chosen field in life, you must stand out, you must offer a unique solution that solves people’s problems.

What skills do you need to start a digital marketing company?
Honestly, you don’t really need any skill aside the zeal to succeed, how? Because all the skills you need to acquire has been acquired by people already, and they are also offering their skills at affordable price ranges online, while some have the skills but don’t know how to make use of their skills, so you will need to help them harness their skills by offering them an umbrella body under which their skills will be assembled and sold to companies, individuals and brands that need their services.

Now, before you can launch your digital marketing company, you will need to have or assemble people with the following skills:

  • Web design and development
  • Web and Mobile App development
  • Graphics Design
  • Copywriting
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media marketing and management
  • UI/UX
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics

With the above skills, you are good to go.

Steps to launch your first digital marketing company online

Haven assembled the above named skills, you will need to launch your own website because you cannot be telling people that you want to help them get an online presence without having a powerful online presence yourself, that will look like a scam.

Step 1: Get a domain name (something catchy & inline with your field;,,, etc)

Step 2: Get a hosting plan to launch your digital marketing company website

Step 3: Pick a theme

Step 4: Install wordpress

Step 5: Install necessary plugins and activate them

Step 6: Customize your site to stand out based on the services you have chosen to offer based on the skills you have assembled

Step 7: Add contents to your website; make sure you add quality original contents written by you or one of your team members, don’t copy and paste from other websites because it will affect your SEO.

Step 8: Develop product and service folder to showcase the products and services your company offers; be detailed in your service description but make use of catchy words to get visitors to your website to take action.

Examples of some service description:

“Tired of low sales? Then worry not because we have come to boost your sales at no extra cost!”

“Do you have a website? If your answer is NO, then why are you complaining of low sales & patronage? Let’s build a powerful website for you for a token”

“Do you know that building websites is our hobby and helping you sell more is our passion? If you are in doubt click here”

“Having a website is not just enough to grow your sales, the popularity of your website online matters even most, that is why we want to help your website become very popular online, find out how here!”

Step 9: Develop your product and service pricing

Step 10: Start an ad campaign to get your company to be noticed. We will be treating this topic in our subsequent blog post because it is a very versed topic, but for now, you need to act on the things you have learnt so far and come back here to ask question.

Remember, reading is not just enough to become successful in life, there are 3 major steps to financial success; stop watching TV, stop blaming others for your failure and lastly, take ACTION!


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