How American Man Won $1million On a $5 Casino Poker Bet

Wealth comes by working smart, and taking calculated risk, but sometimes riches come by luck and destiny as can be seen in this scenario, in which a US man who made a $US5 bet in a poker game at an Atlantic City casino has overcome 1-to-20 million odds to draw a royal straight flush and win $US1 million, sound odd right? That is one mysterious thing about life; some people or persons can't categorically define or narrate the steps they took to become rich.

A US man playing poker at an Atlantic City casino has won $US1 million ($A1.4 million) on a $US5 bet.

The man, identified only as a local resident, made the three-card poker "6 Card Bonus" bet on Saturday afternoon at the Borgata Hotel Casino. He then hit a royal straight flush of diamonds, a hand that overcame 1-to-20 million odds.

The man was dealt the 10, queen and ace of diamonds. The dealer's hand was the nine, jack and king of diamonds.

Casino officials say it's the first time this bet has been hit at the Borgata.


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