Why Intelligent People Struggle To Make Money - How To Change Your Situation

Countless research around the world has proven times without number that most intelligent people find it difficult to make money. When I mean making money, I don't mean earning salary, I am talking about making huge money that will make you rich or middle class at worst.

If you sit back now and reflect or look around your family, your immediate environment or your mates, you will come to realise that the most intelligent chaps you know are either not rich or they ate struggling financially in life. On the contrary, the ones we consider as not intelligent or less intelligent are making big money, earning big income and living their dream life while the super intelligent ones are still struggling to find their feat.

Do you know why this is so? Find out in the preceding paragraphs below after the page cut:

Some Reasons Intelligent People End Up Poor or Broke are:

1. They over think issues: 

most intelligent people spend quite a considerable amount of time thinking and analyzing things before they take a step or before they take action while the presumed less intelligent people just act.

It is good to plan, it is good to think and analyze situation before you take action, but spending too much time and energy thinking and analyzing a situation can demoralise your ambition. People who trust their instincts always succeed more than people who fear their instinct.

Most intelligent people don't trust their instinct, they rely more on their human intelligence to get them going.

When you think or analyze a situation too much, you will discover too many faults and pitfalls that will discourage you from trying. But most times, it is safer to try and then find solutions to the challenges as you progress through the steps instead of spending too much time and energy analyzing and reanalyzing.

2. Too Much Thinking Breeds Fears!

Thinking too much about a situation leads to fear factor, and fear is one of the strongest inhibitors of success.

For instance, let's take dating as an example.

Do you know that intelligent guys usually find it difficult to get a girl to date? And do you know why? They are too analytical in thinking. They think too much before making a move.

If an intelligent guy sees a hot girl he likes and would love to date, he will start to analyze why the girl won't accept his request, he will start to think what if this girl ignores my hi....what would people around looking at us say if she ignores me? What if she snubs me? While analyzing, fear will creep in and he will he discouraged to even try to talk to the girl. In his mind, he will feel satisfied that he never tried because to him, he has averted humiliation from a girl that's less intelligent than him.

On the contrary, when a less intelligent or the so called dumb guy sees a hot girl passing by, he has no time to think about what the girl would say, he acts by his instinct that says; wow go for her....and he pawns on the girl with all boldness, and before you know it, the girl is his while the nerdy guy is out there lonely and wondering how the dumb guy got the hot chick. But the big question; did the intelligent guy try? Of course he did not even make a try.

This is applicable to money making. Being intelligent people they are, they find it difficult to take decisive action to start a particular business; they are always too analytical to a fault. In their quest to make things perfect and smooth, they find too many fault and quit too early. This is also applicable to their relationship and marriage. Most intelligent people are perfectionist who want everything to be perfect; they want the perfect partner without fault, and they find fault too easily in their partner, which leads them into quitting or difficulty finding a compatible partner. In the process, they marry late.

3. Jerk of All Trades!

Most intelligent people are broke or end up financially broke because they are jerk of all trades and master of none. They meddle into too many things at the same time, and at the end of the day, they can't boast of mastering one thing that makes them real money. 

Because they believe too much in their intelligence, they end up wanting to know it all. And they become less focused. Remember, to make money in life, you need to define your niche and master your niche and build an audience, a followers hip, a fan base or a customer base around that niche so they can trust your expertise and will gladly part with their money for your sake.

If you meddle into too many things at the same time, you will definitely find it difficult to make a decent income.

4. They Don't Take Advice!

Remember that intelligent uncle, aunt, sister, brother, schoolmate, roommate, friend or colleague that knows it all and hardly or never takes anybody's advice or suggestion simply because he or she believes he knows it all? We all have them if we look closely lol, and guess what? They don't usually go far financially because of their 'i-know-it-all' mentality.

Most intelligent people don't take advice or suggestion from others because to them, they are the wisdom box where every other person ought to seek wisdom from. They even believe in mentorship because they believe they are too good to be mentored by anybody.

They don't buy books that teach how to do things because they believe they know it all and don't need to learn from any other person. They have a closed mindset and whatever they want to do, that's what they must do, there's nothing anybody can do or say to change their mind on what they want to do because who are you to advice an intelligent person like them?

If you find yourself in this condition, please change your mindset now if you want to become financially successful in life. 

To be successful and rich, you must keep learning from others. You must not be too big to learn. You must imbibe the habit of reading everything readable. You must invest in everything information; books (hard copy and ebooks), tapes, videos, magazines, reports, documentaries and what have you.

How To Overcome The Intelligent People Syndrome?

In order to overcome the things mentioned above as a way of preparing yourself for financial success, follow these steps below:

1. Think less and act more!

If you discover an idea or you have a business idea, lay it out, plan and don't waste too much time analyzing it, execute your plans and keep on fine tuning it as you progress. Don't procrastinate your plans, act on them sooner than later to avoid getting demoralized from discovering too many faults while being too analytical.

2. Be open to criticisms, advice and mentorship!

Nobody knows it all! Don't shut your mind to critics or suggestion. Have a mentor and follow their success steps. You can find mentors online nowadays; follow what they did to succeed or what they are doing, replicate it with your own twist and keep on improving.

Don't look down on anybody or ignore any advice; filter them and take the positive ones but don't shut people out. Your best business idea may come from a broke friend or relative; be open to ideas.

3. Discover a Niche and Stay Focused!

Diversification is good, but don't diversify until you have succeeded in one thing. Before you think of diversifying your business, make sure your major business has broken even. Make sure it is established and well grounded before you diversify.

Learn to master one thing first before you jump into another to avoid being jerk of all thread and a master of none.

Stay focused!

Thanks again for your time. Remember, I will never leave you until you succeed!

Go and prosper!
FrankWealth Team.


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