6 Richest Nigerian Bloggers in 2018

Blogging has come a long way in Nigeria, and whether you like it or not, blogging has come to stay in Nigeria, and will continue to make impact on both Nigerian economy and the political direction of Nigeria's leadership.

In 2015 alone, Nigerian bloggers and social media influencers made a huge impact on deciding who emerged the winner of the 2015 presidential election and from the look of things, it seems bloggers will play even a bigger role in the upcoming 2019 presidential election by influencing how young Nigerians who make up the majority of the voters cast their vote in the general election next year.

Okay, enough of the political twist; let's get down to the main topic of today; Highest Earning Nigerian Bloggers in 2018.

In this report, we will be analyzing their monthly earnings through their blogs, to give you a better insight on how much Nigerian bloggers earn and how you too can join the league of young Nigerians earning legitimate money online through blogging. 

1. Linda Ikeji: www.lindaikejisblog.com

I am sure you weren't surprise to see pretty 37-year-old Imo state born female blogger Linda Ikeji occupy the number 1 slot in our Nigerian Bloggers May Rich List? 

Linda Ikeji began her blogging career 12 years ago, so she has really come a long way when it comes to blogging. In fact, she is the mother of celebrity gossip blogging in Nigeria and no one can take that away from her for now.

Most people that visit Linda Ikeji’s blog come from Nigeria, United States of America, United Kingdom and South Africa, and what they search most are ‘linda ikeji’, ‘meghan markle bikini’, ‘obama beard’, etc.

Daily traffic to Linda Ikeji Blog: 930,000 page views

Website popularity in Nigeria: number 22 most popular website in Nigeria

Niche: entertainment, politics, lifestyle blogging.

Estimated net worth: $15million

Breakdown of Linda Ikeji’s Net worth:

Linda Ikeji blog domain alone is worth $2million.

Her personal home is worth over $1million

Her newly bought property for her reality show is worth around $250,000

With a daily page view of nearly a million, Linda Ikeji’s blog rakes in around $100 - $250 daily earnings on Google AdSense alone, that's a total of around $7,500 monthly on Google AdSense income.

Direct advert on her blog is estimated at around $15,000 monthly.

Linda Ikeji social rakes in around $8,500 monthly too.

Total estimated monthly earnings: $31,000

With all these multiple streams of income, Linda Ikeji is no doubt the highest earning blogger in Nigeria as at now.

Congrats Linda.

2. Bella Naija: www.bellanaija.com

Second on our Nigerian Bloggers Rich List is Bella Naija, whose real name is 33-year-old Uche Jennifer Eze Pedro. Though many people say her blogging success is as a result of her marriage to a billionaire's son, but you can never dispute the fact that Uche Pedro, the owner of Bella Naija blog is a hardworking Nigerian blogger who worked so hard to secure her place in the Nigerian blogging domain.

Uche started blogging around same time with Linda Ikeji, but with a twist and focus on Celebrity weddings and events which attracted the attention of rich Nigerians, especially the females who uses Bella Naija wedding as a guide for their wedding preparations.

This gesture alone has earned Bella Naija a lot of residual income from featuring weddings of rich Nigerians on her blog.

Bella Naija seems to be one of the favorite advertisement destinations for top Nigerian brands who wish to get the attention of the upper class.

Most people that visit Bella Naija blog come from Nigeria, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa, and what they search most are ‘canada Nigerian migrants’, ‘nigerian woman united airlines’, ‘ameena gurib-fakim’, etc.

Daily traffic to Bella Naija Blog: 80,000 page views (estimated)

Website popularity in Nigeria: number 121 most popular website in Nigeria

Niche: entertainment, politics, lifestyle blogging, weddings.

Estimated net worth of Bella Naija: $1.5million

Blog Monthly earnings: $8,000 - $12,000

3. 360nobs: www.360nobs.com

The number 3 on our Nigerian bloggers rich list is the owner of fashion model and designer cum music blogger, Noble Chibuzor Igwe, popularly known as Noble Igwe. Noble Igwe’s success in blogging maybe attributed to his versatility in business and entrepreneurship. He doubles as a fashion designer, model, blogger and an entrepreneur with passion for entertainment media.

Noble Igwe is also the proud owner of www.stylevitae.com, a site dedicated mostly to fashion and style. He has also come a long way as far as blogging is concerned as he began his blogging career in 2010 after launching his 360Nobs Ltd.

360Nobs may not be as popular as LIB, SDK and Bella Naija among Nigerians, but Noble Igwe is definitely banking hard every month from his blogging career.
Estimated net worth of Noble Igwe: $1.5million

Blog Monthly earnings: $8,000 - $12,000

Website popularity in Nigeria: number 203 most popular website in Nigeria

Stella Dimokokorkus blog is another top earning Nigerian blog. Though the Nigerian born married female blogger lives in Europe, she focuses mostly on Nigerian content that revolves around gossip, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle.

Stella started blogging around the same time Linda Ikeji started blogging before she relocated to Germany due to marriage, but she never gave up her passion for blogging as she continued to keep her fans and followers entertained with her blunt and controversial blogging style that earned her an enviable spot in the Nigerian blogging domain.

Most people that visit SDK blog come from Nigeria, United Kingdom, Germany, Ghana and Sierra Leon, and what they search most are ‘sdk blog’, ‘stella dimoko’, ‘ivara esege’, ‘fun things about northern Nigeria’, etc.

Daily traffic to SDK Blog: 55,000 page views (estimated traffic due to view fluctuation)

Website popularity in Nigeria: number 749 most popular website in Nigeria

Niche: entertainment, politics, lifestyle and fashion blogging

Estimated monthly earnings: $2,500 - $9,000

How SDK blog earns money with her blog: she has Google Adsense ads, sms monetization, sponsored post, and direct advert.

SDK Estimated net worth: $450,000

5. NotJustOK: www.notjustok.com
Without doubt, Nigerians love music, you don’t need to be told, and if you don’t own a music entertainment business in Nigeria at the moment, maybe it’s time for you to start thinking of setting up one soonest before the niche gets oversaturated.
Number 5 on our list is notjustok.com music blogger. Ademola Ogundele, the owner of notjustok.com began his music blogging business as far back as 2006 when he first launched the music entertainment website with multiple editors.

With a total daily traffic of between 50,000 – 120,000 music lovers, it’s no magic that notjustok.com rakes in nothing less than $5,000 every month from PPD monetized adverts and additional income from PPV and PPC ad networks.

Notjustok.com also earns money for the owner through special music features for music artistes. Don’t forget, music is money, and money makes music go father, so if you have the money, consider setting up a music entertainment business outfit now.
Notjustok.com estimated income net worth: $401,000

6. Ogbongeblog: www.ogbongeblog.com
Jide Ogunsanya is number 6 on our Nigerian bloggers rich list. The humble Nigerian Tech blogger who gives tutorials on his blog has been consistent with his blogging niche and style for years now, which has earned him an enviable spot on our Nigerian bloggers rich list.

Jide started his tech blogging career in 2008 to enlighten many on how to carry out some simple tech stuffs either online or offline with their system or phones. It is worthy of note for those who aren’t aware to know that Jide capitalized on Niaraland’s growing population of young people seeking for information on how to solve computer and internet related challenges to grow his now popular tech blog that no longer attracts only Nigerians but also foreigners who troop into the site to find solutions to their tech challenges on daily basis. On Nairaland webmasters section, Jide is known as JidetheBlogger.
His blog (www.ogbongeblog.com) won the best science and tech blog in 2011 Nigerian Blog Awards and in 2012, he also won the best tutorial blog. He currently has some undisclosed blogs and online businesses he’s working on.

Estimated net worth of Jide Ogunsanya: $450,000

Blog Monthly earnings: $3,000 - $6,500

Website popularity in Nigeria: number 834 most popular website in Nigeria


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