You Can Become Financially Successful in Life if You Apply This Practical Steps

Okay you want to be rich and successful such that you will live the rest of your life free of financial worries? The apply these practical steps, if you don't end up rich after 10 years, then call me an asshole!

Below are the steps:

1. Identify problems around you and your immediate location

2. Find a way to solve one or two of the major problems people in your area or environment face everyday

3. If you don't have the skill(s) to solve any of the problems, then find a way to acquire the required skill by enrolling into a school, an institution, a home training session or pay someone that has the skill to teach you the skill. Stay focused while learning this skill and know your mission

4. Apply the skills you have learnt in solving those problems people in your environment face everyday

5. Monetize your solution so that those who need the solution can happily pay you to get their problems solved by your solution

6. Keep on improving on this solution you have discovered, making sure it is up to date to be able to continue solving people's dynamic challenges

7. Scale this up by replicating this solution to other neighboring or distant communities that are facing same problem that your solution can resolve

8. If you are technologically inclined, apply internet technology to make this your solution available to people around the world and further increase your income

9. Don't rely on this one solution you have discovered alone, use the capital you have acquired from this to invest in other business ventures but make sure you are the one managing the affairs

10. Hire talented, smart young people to help you discover more ideas and opportunities to invest in

11. Pay your best talents well and give them the best of comfortable life so that they will never think of resigning

12. Sack the least talents who refused to improve after several training and retraining

13. Support every political party in your country and state discretely in order to remain in good book with every political leader and ruling government so they won't make policies that will destroy your business empire

14. Help the needy

15. Take very good care of your health and security at all times!


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