This Is My Story: It Will Inspire You To Financial Success

Okay guys, I am not going to pamper you guys with words like I always do, this time around, I am going to be blunt and in fact, brutal with the truth about my life; what I have been through, where I am coming from, etc...I am doing all these to challenge you and to inspire you to financial success because that's the only way to make you act and fight against that spirit of poverty and financial lack holding you down for long now.

I used to be broke, I mean very broke. So before I move on, let me be Frank with you, I have been a broke ass guy, to the extent I shared a room with two other friends and later one of us left, and my other friend who had been single for close to a decade, lol, funny right? Yeah, that's the story of majority of realistic and focused broke back to my story, not long after one of my friends I was living with; in fact I was squatting with, I used squatting because the two of them were the original owners of the room before I came on board to join two weeks after one of us left the dungeon after luck smiled on him and he got a nice job, so he left us behind, my second friend miraculously met a girl who he luckily convinced to become his night nurse.

I was at home one night around 8:00pm when I heard a knock and I managed to respond; who's that, come was my friend and roommate with his new catch...a dark complexioned lady with a very lovely feminine shape. I had to excuse myself to give them the freedom to explore each other; my friends and I have been emotionally or let me say, sexually starved for close to a decade, lol and you know why?

Ladies hardly fall or agree to date broke grown up guys who are done with NYSC, lol. Back in school, some of us had no date, some had dates which later ended with the school period due to distance and financial issues, so most of my friends and of course, course mates who happened to be my closest pals were all single and not searching lol.

We weren't searching not because we didn't desire to have pretty or even average looking girl to call our girl, but because we knew we were not qualified to have a girlfriend, when we don't have a decent accommodation and the job we had then was more like an apology that hardly feed you twice a day, so you can imagine.

Fast forward to three months, the girl my friend and roommate brought home had no place to stay in Lagos, which meant she had to start living with us because she too came to Lagos in search of greener pasture and luckily for her, God provided her with a caring guy who was excited to accommodate her, feed her and care for her with the meagre income he was earning monthly from an apology job; the life of a man.

Along the line, we had issues because I became so uncomfortable living with a lady in one uncomfortable room, so when my friend wanted to travel home, I pleaded with him to please tell his girlfriend to go visit her aunt she said lived in Lagos too so I could have some space, but he picked offense and reminded me that he owned the room, that I can go get my own room and have my own freedom as I desire, so I had to leave, but where was the question? I forgot to tell you guys the good news, they are happily married now as I type, and we all are cool, lol, that's men for you...we fight to agree.

Yes I had siblings and relatives living all around Lagos, but I couldn't bear the shame of going back to them to seek for accommodation at my age, I had to find a way where there is no way. 

I started crashing in my workplace, slept on the conference room table. I became best friend with deadly mosquitoes that came to keep me company at night.

Let me cut the long story short, I was so broke that I intentionally skipped meals; breakfast; rice+beans+plantain, skip lunch and do dinner; Akara+bread. This was my weekly diet for over 2 years, but you will never know because I carried myself with high esteem and only complained to my inner being, challenging him to liberate himself from this financial sorry of a situation. Let me also advice you guys, in everything you do in life, don't forget God. There is God, don't listen to anybody telling you there's no God, God is real, and believing in God is not about going to Church on Sundays and maybe becoming a Church worker or a Choir; these things are good and vital for your spiritual growth, but they will never change a thing in your life if you dont establish a personal relationship with God on your own. I challenged God on my own, not by words, but through personal sacrifice, and God answered me and still answering me because of that sacrifice.

I happened to be among the best graduating students with the highest CGPA in my time; the 3rd i think, its not my making, its a gift from God, I never failed any exam right from nursery school...exam success was never lacking on my side and even after school and NYSC, I excelled in various company aptitude tests; NNPC, Mobil, NLNG, SAIPEM, Glo, DHL, TSL, ManTrac (CAT), Total, Schlumberger, NBC (Coca Cola), etc. I passed all these companies' aptitude tests but still they won't give me the job.

In fact, I passed NNPC and NLNG interviews after passing their aptitude tests but I got disqualified for NLNG job offer after I passed the interview because of age falsification; I reduced my age by 1yr then; I learnt a lesson from that experience, always stand on the truth no matter the situation.

Life was hell because we were scheduled to travel to UK, Liverpool to be precise for training, so I lost out. I became scared of life, I became worried about life, I lost confidence in myself and I even became angry with God. I lost hope and my ambition in life lowered as I watched my mates climb through the ladder of life success; securing good paying jobs and some traveling out of the country and making it financially. I then realised that academic excellence does not guarantee financial success in life.

You are the most brilliant student in your class now does not mean you will be the richest or the most successful unless you start now to equip yourself beyond academic and book success. Don't rely so much on your academic qualification; be it Bsc, HND, NCE, Masters, PhD, etc, they don't guarantee financial success in our today world, so what guarantees financial success today you may ask? Read on....and don't miss any of My Story series I will be sharing here as new blog posts.

I am gifted in writing; I can wake up and start writing, and when you read it, your mind will be blown away, yes I am that gifted with words, though I never recognized nor explored this rare gift. I am also gifted in convincing people to do things they ordinarily wouldn't want to do, but I never knew about this great talents of mine even after writing and personally publishing my own wonderful novel while in secondary school and higher institution (which I somehow lost the manuscript and my author's copy, only God knows how and it hurts me till date because I have tried to rewrite it yet to no avail, it hurts) and lots of short stories and poems which I usually wrote for fun and even wrote for friends to send to their crush and lovers, which always won them love and sometimes a kiss, lol. 

I didn't recognize my gift, maybe because of poor upbringing; please if you are a parent or would be parent, try and help your kids discover their natural gift early enough and help direct them in that path so they won't keep running around trying to be who they were not created to be; I was busy chasing white collar jobs that will pay me 250,000naira (around $1500 as at then) and above every month; that was my dream salary back then but I eventually ended up with one that paid me meager 35,000naira ($219 as at then) as monthly salary; I lost confidence in life, I watched my big dreams disappear into the thin air simply because I failed to secure a good paying job after my graduation from higher institution where I studied Mechanical Engineering, Production major. But guess what? My talent and my passion saved me when I discovered it and began to explore it with joy.

The first big money I earned in life was through my article writing skill...and from the money I earned as a writer, I was able to rent my first ever room apartment and bought few basic household equipment. I began to feel alive even though I was still far from financial freedom, but at least, I began to smell success around me and it boosted my confidence the more. We will continue on this in upcoming My Story series....

What is your passion? What do you love to do without pay? What is it that you do comfortably and perfectly well without so much stress and you are always happy doing that particular thing? That thing is your wealth! Go now and figure it out as we continue on this my story series...please don't miss any episode of this journey, be a regular visitor here and also follow me on social media. 

Twitter: @frankywealth

Thanks for being there, always...

I won't leave you until you succeed, stay with me always....
FrankWealth Team


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