If You Want To Become Rich: This is How To Spend Your Spare Time

Everybody desires to be rich and successful in life, but the sad reality is, not everybody will ever be successful in life. Becoming rich requires a combination of smartness, wittiness, persistence, perseverance, dedication, focus, proper time management, taking calculated risks and taking advantage of opportunities.

These are the qualities and steps you need to become rich in our present world with overgrowing population, hence increased competition.

Amongst all the things I mentioned in the first paragraph, how you spend your time tops the list because time is the only intangible asset you keep on loosing everyday as clock tics.

Assuming you want to become rich or let me say, financially successful in life, then you must start now to plan and analyze how you spend your spare time and in fact, every single seconds of your life.

To make you understand this topic better, let me show you the difference between how financially successful people spend their spare time and how financially struggling people spend their own spare time.

How does an average human spend his or her free time today?
  • Play PC, video or mobile phone games
  • Watch TV
  • Watch movies
  • Read books
  • Listen to music
  • Attend comedy show or music concert
  • Read news & gossips on the internet
  • Chat with friends & strangers on social media

An average human being today doesn’t create value, he or she consumes value, and this is why many people are broke and struggling financially.

What Does An Average Wealthy Person Do With His/Her free Time?
  • Develop video & mobile phone games
  • Create TV shows or programmes
  • Produce movies
  • Write books
  • Produce music
  • Create comedy shows & music concerts
  • Create websites
  • Create social media platforms

They build value!
There’s a clear difference.
Those are polar opposites.
One destroy, another one create.
Guess who’s making money?
The creator.
Become a creator and you’ll make money.
Start right now to create value, don't wait till tomorrow to start. How?
  • Write
  • Take pictures
  • Shoot videos
  • Develop games
  • Create websites
  • Create comedy programmes
  • Create sport activities
  • Solve problems

Build value and you will start making huge money with time, its that simple!

Don't ask me what if everybody starts to create value, who would consume the values? Don't be a pessimist, create your own value and forget about who would consume it and focus on making money from your own value chain.

Most African nations are poor and struggling today simply because they don't create value, they consume value created by other nations. Aside crude oil and other mineral resources which African nations didn't create on their own, tell me what other value African nations are creating for the world? In order for Africa to overcome widespread poverty and underdevelopment, our leaders and in fact, our citizens must start to think of how to create value that other nations of the world can consume aside mineral resources.

African leaders must start now to invest in human development through useful and productive education that will prepare African youths for the future by teaching them how to create more value than they consume.


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