As A Millionaire or Billionaire: If You Were Broke, What Would You Do with $250 To Become Wealthy Again?

Okay guys, I was browsing through quora and I came across this interesting question an unknown quora user asked and tagged me, and his original question goes like this: "Rich, millionaire and billionaire people: If you were broke, what would you do with $250 to become wealthy again?" I decided to answer his question with all honesty.

My answer was not only meant for him, but it is meant for everybody who wishes to succeed financially in life...believe me, from my personal experience in the field of making money, I think, I have the background to advice others on how to approach money making to become financially free, and that's why I don't neglect any question or questions like this.

In case you are still wondering what my answer to his question was, you can read it below after the page cut:

Hmm….this is really an interesting question that will definitely give a lot of readers a start in life if answered honestly and perfectly too, which is what I am going to do.

First, let me say this….most billionaires or millionaires you see didn’t just wake up to become millionaires and billionaires, some it took them years of trial and error until luck shined on them; yes there is atom of luck in every situation of life, don’t take that fact away in all you do. Christians call it divine favor, others call it destiny or whatever.

Another fact you must know about becoming rich is the fact that your upbringing, background and geographical location also play a vital role in increasing or decreasing your chances of becoming rich in life.

Now, I want to also bring to your knowledge that becoming rich most times, has nothing to do with the amount of capital at your disposal, but mostly based on the wealth of knowledge and classified information at your disposal. Some information at your disposal can turn you to a millionaire or billionaire if you make good use of them.

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg for instance didn’t start with lots of capital, rather, he started with a very good technology background that gave him an edge over others…so what am I trying to say? Some millionaires and billionaires you see can’t even define how they became rich, steps they took and the processes they went through, while a handful of them can do that, most of them can’t because some got their wealth through political favors, cutting corners, trade secrets, government waivers, and all sort of cheating, so if you take away their wealth and ask them to start afresh with no connection or backup, they will never make it big like they did…so you must put this into consideration in your question.

Now, if I were a billionaire who lost all my fortune and needed to start afresh to make money again without any connection or without falling back on my previous connections and friends, what I will do is to study my environment first and find out some of the major challenges people in my environment face or encounter in their daily life…and then I will begin to research for a way to solve one or two of these problems faced by my immediate society. Definitely, to solve most of the problems, I will need some special skill, which I may have or may not have, so in case I don’t have any of the skills or experience to solve any of my society challenges, I will have to look for an institution or skilled person in that field to learn the skill, of course this is where I will be needing the $250 to pay for learning the skill required to solve the society problem I have just discovered.

By solving this society problem or challenge, people in my society will be excited and happy to hear that I have found a working solution to their major life problem, and if I ask them to pay me a token for helping them to solve this major problem, I am very certain majority of them will be glad to part with their money to get my solution, which will in turn put me on track financially.

Now, you maybe wondering what this solution is…it could be a solution to waste management, flood, trade, transportation, entertainment, power challenges, education, etc, so in summary, the fastest way to become rich in life is to help people solve their daily life challenges and by monetizing the solution and probably using technology to make this solution available to people around the world.


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