The Secrets of Making Steady Money Online with SFI Affiliate Business

Hi guys, this is a follow up post on the new online business opportunity called: SFI Affiliate Marketing Business, which I shared with you guys earlier on this blog. If you haven’t signed up for an account with SFI, please go back and do so here. If you have signed up for an affiliate account with SFI, then read on.

Please before we forge ahead, I would like to point out something about SFI affiliate marketing business; this is a very lucrative online business with several opportunities to earn passive income online, but if you truly want to make money with SFI, then you must take it very serious and not play with it. 

NOTE: Signing up for an account on SFI is not enough to make you start making money online, you have to work!  SFI can be very rewarding financially, but you must be ready to work and implement everything you learn. Also, you must log into your SFI account everyday to perform one or two tasks.

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick business, but it is a guaranteed way of making some passive income that may lead to a full time income online, that’s if you put in your best and not give up too easily if things don’t start producing result immediately like you wished.

When I joined SFI, I was so eager to start making big money almost immediately, but guess what? I didn’t make a dime in my first one month, then I went back to SFI forum (you can check it out here) and launch pad (you can visit the launch pad here) to start reading the tips and marketing secrets revealed in those two places, and after reading them page to page, I began to implement every step, every trick, every tip and every new thing I learnt on the forum and on the launch pad, and believe me, things changed as I began to see positive result with my earnings and PSA and ECA referral growth.

At SFI, you can earn money through the following ways:

1.       Referring buyers (your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, family members, etc) to buy things at a very cheap price at TrippleClicks e-commerce website owned by SFI/Carson group.

One way to get lots of people to buy things on TrippleClick using your referral link is by making use of your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. To do this, you must log into your SFI affiliate account, and then open in another browser tab and search for products that look interesting and affordable. Open the product and click on SFI tools and then copy the product link and go to: or to shorten the link and then write an interesting message like:

“Hey guys, I can’t believe this car mp3 player with phone charger is up for sale for just $15. Anyway, I just ordered 3pcs for myself and my girlfriend in case they increase the price tomorrow. You can check it out here: (paste the product’s referral link here)”

If you share this message on your social media accounts, believe me, you will definitely get sales, though it depends on your audience and number of loyal followers. This is how I made my first sale on Trippleclicks.

2.       ECA Referral program: one thing that makes SFI affiliate program one of the best in the world is the fact that you have multiple ways to earn money, so if you fail in one, you will definitely succeed in others. ECA program is designed to refer sellers of all kinds of products (fashion, electronics, automobile, home décor, mobile phones, accessories, etc) to sell their items (used or new) on TrippleClicks. Guess what? You make a commission for every sales a seller you referred to TrippleClicks makes, so if you can bring in say 5 sellers of fast-moving products to list their products on TrippleClicks for free, you stand a chance of earning a lifetime commission as they sell their products on TC. You can read more on how to refer sellers to sell their products TrippleClicks by clicking here

There are so many ways to earn money on SFI, let me not overwhelm you with the numerous opportunities so you can just get started first, and not get carried away.

Finally, make sure you go through the launch pad tutorials on SFI, and always visit and participate on the forum; you can find Nigerian forum there too where Nigerian affiliates exchange information on how to make more money on SFI. You can always ask questions in the forum and someone will be there to answer your question no matter how dumb it may appear, so you have nothing to worry.

Also, try and play games on SFI to win TCredits which will help boost your earning potentials on SFI, but if you don’t want to play games, you can buy TCredits that comes in bundles of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 for as low as $3 to enable you participate in TrippleClicks and PriceBenders auction where you can bid for things like Apple tablet, Samsung phones, watches, home appliances, etc at a very cheap price that you can re-sell here in Nigeria after you win the bid.

I will leave you guys here for now, see you again in our next SFI affiliate business tutorial post coming soonest.

Make sure you visit everyday to learn latest tricks and ways to make legal money online from your home, office or school hostel. Our mission at Frankwealth is to empower as many young people as possible, and be a source of wealth inspiration to many ambitious youths!

How to withdraw your income on SFI?
If you put in your best into this business, you will be so glad you ever stumbled upon this post, and that is our desire for you. Now, assuming you have started earning money on SFI already, one of the best ways to withdraw your money as a Nigerian affiliate is using Payoneer. You can then use your Payoneer Card (issued by Bank of America) to buy things online or make withdrawals from any bank ATM in Nigeria. But then, you will need to apply for a Payoneer card first. To apply for a Payoneer card that comes with a free $25 sign up bonus, click here

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