BURSTED: See How MMM Nigeria Ponzi Scheme Website Was Created

Dear fans, followers and fellow Nigerians, please be careful because more and more people are creating more PONZI platform to milk gullible Nigerians their hard earned money ever since they saw the huge success recorded by MMM Nigeria, Gethelpworldwide, Givers, Twinkers, iCharityclub, Donationhub, etc. In fact, some even have office now and promise to pay 120% interest on whatever money you invest after 2 months. But then, Nigerians without thinking how the huge % profit these PONZI platforms are paying, will be quick to attack anybody trying to enlighten them. To cut the long story short, see below, a message I received from someone who wants to launch another PONZI scheme like MMM in Nigeria, and his message goes like this:

Hi Frankwealth, I came across your profile after visiting your wealth inspiration website. Frankwealth, let me first explain, I have always have this burning desire to own my own MLM PONZI scheme to assist Nigerians and to also assist myself. So I need your help to create this platform as soon as possible. Please do note that I have a very tight budget.

I need a competent developer to build an MLM PONZI script using the gift/help plan MLM business model. This plan is a variation of cash gifting. Here a person gets the "Receive" advantage by first Gifting or Donating to others. This is simply a type of “give and take” concept. This plan is also known as cash order plan. The basic concept is to send gift to one member and receive multiple gifts from many other members. So each member will be benefited with multiple cash gift receipts from other members. Members will deposit or gift cash directly to other members in a peer-to-peer (P2P) arrangement. The payment options will include: 1. Bank Payments/online transfer into member's account in local currency Also, the script should have Auto-Pair and Manual-Pair options at the Admin backend to allow pairing of Givers (payers) donating cash gift and Recipients (beneficiaries) receiving the payments/gifts. The script should allow the Admin to enable/disable an option to Auto-Assign any existing member as a DEFAULT SPONSOR for each Membership Plan to be created for members to join when registering.
NOTE: I replied the person that we do not design ponzi or fraudulent website or app, we only encourage people to do legal business and earn legitimate income and not making money from peoples sweats. We can only design legitimate websites, online stores, etc, not scam website or application.


  1. Funny enough Ponzi schemes have taken over Nigeria.


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