Amazing Tricks To Make More Money On SFI Affiliate Marketing Business

Still on more tricks and tips to make more money on SFI Affiliate program.

SFI is the number one affiliate marketing business in the world you should join to start making passive income online from your home, office or school hostel. If you haven't joined SFI, please do so now before reading further. To join SFI for free, click here.

Remember, signing up for an account on SFI as an affiliate won't make you any money if you don't work. Many people sign up daily on SFI and guess what? Only few dedicated people succeed in making steady money in SFI and you know why? Simply because they just registered for an affiliate account at SFI and refused to do any other job to grow their SFI business. This takes us to rule number 1 in this business: treat it like your own business and don't give up too soon if the money didn't start rolling in immediately you join. SFI is not a Ponzi scheme, so you must be ready to read wide on SFI forum and launchPad, and you must be ready to work in order to implement every tricks you read from SFI forum or LaunchPad.

In order to make good money on TrippleClicks, you need to do your best to refer online shoppers to shop at, and once they make any purchase, you get a commission for life!

I am going to answer a very informational question as a way of showing you some secrets to making money on SFI, now let's look at the question below:

What is the best way to make people to visit TripleClicks (using my referral link) to buy things they need in order to increase my daily sales commissions and SFI income? 

The first thing you should do after you join SFI affiliate business,is to decide how to approach the TripleClicks business; is it through your own ECA, with another ECA's products or a combination of both?

After you have made the decision, you should build a portfolio of the products you would like to market, at the beginning I recommend you start with no more than five products. Write down the gateway for each of these products.

After that, it is time to create your marketing strategy, below are a detailed list of things you can do to promote your TrippleClicks referral link and earn more sales commission as people buy things on TC through your referral link:

1. Write a blog, not about TripleClicks in a direct way, but about activities related to your products, give reliable important information about the products and how they really help you, try to get testimonials from users... Then you'll drop the gateway for more information about that specific product. Do this for every product you want to sell.

2. Promote your TripleClick gateway in different forums, or social networks, but never as a sales places, use something like "I found an excellent set of tools that really help me improve my...." and at the end please visit (your gateway), you'll be amaze!

3. Use traffic exchange sites, most of these sites would allow you to use multiples gateway, so you may rotate your products and your affiliates links for best results.

4. Write reviews, about your portfolio of products and post them in different forums, not use business forums, look for consumers forums.

6. Post classifieds ads, as many as you can.

7. Best of all, recommend all these good products you have chosen to friends and relatives. I hope that this will help many people.

8. Look for product that you want to sell from Familiarize yourself with all the details of the product.

9. Look for a group or fan page in facebook (using the search) for the product that you want to sell.

10. Post the link of that product, using your specific product gateway.

By doing this you are selling your product to people who are interested with the product.

You can also do this on Twitter. You search for people who are mentioning the specific product you want to sell, then start following that person and when he follow you back you can now send messages and link.

You can also do it on forum about the product you want to sell. Join the forum just do what is required before you can post link. Then post your product gateway.

11. Create a personal Blog and dedicate it to TripleClicks products and services.

22. Signup on top Blogging Networks and create micro Blogs dedicated to TripleClicks products and services.

23. Advertise on related websites. Do a Google search with keyword "auction websites", research on the top 25 sites by finding out their daily traffic data, then contact the site owners put a TrippleClicks banner on their site for an affordable price. Repeat the process with other related keywords. If you do this well, you will discover good sites with good traffic but very low price to pay for your campaigns.

24. Create a blog dedicated to price bender's auction. Install the amazing banners of live PB auctions on your blog and update it regularly with new winners list.

25. Create one more blog for E commerce on TricpleClicks. Write its benefits and exposure briefly

Now, Just advertise these blogs on appropriate places like shopping classifieds, auction classified pages and if possible in any advertising place.

Certainly if you effectively implement one or two of the tips above you will generate more sales than you expect in a short period of time.

What are the various ways to earn money on SFI Affiliate Business?
I have answered this question in an earlier post, check it out by clicking here

How to withdraw your income on SFI?
If you put in your best into this business, you will be so glad you ever stumbled upon this post, and that is our desire for you. Now, assuming you have started earning money on SFI already, one of the best ways to withdraw your money as a Nigerian affiliate is using Payoneer. You can then use your Payoneer Card (issued by Bank of America) to buy things online or make withdrawals from any bank ATM in Nigeria. But then, you will need to apply for a Payoneer card first. To apply for a Payoneer card that comes with a free $25 sign up bonus, click here

Good Luck.

Frankwealth Team,
Dedicated to helping young people become financially free!


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