How I Made Over $4000 in Freelancer - You Too Can Do it!

Hi guys, today I want to share an online money making story of a friend I mentored to success, just to inspire you to get started in your internet money making journey. Have you tried so many ways to make money online without any success? Are you tired of buying eBooks and video tutorials on how to make money online without any success to boast of? I have been there, I remember some years back when I use to struggle so hard to make just $5 a month, not until I learned from the experts and started taking the right action that my internet money making story changed from negative to positive within a short period of time.

One truth about financial success is, once you find the route, you will discover that making money is not as difficult as many successful people make it look. Anyway, I am not here to tell you cock and bull story, but here to inspire you to start making genuine money online using the little skill you have right now. Remember, if you don't have a skill, making money online or offline will be very difficult for you, so try and get a skill if you don't have any presently, but if you have a sellable skill like in - web design, graphics, logos, writing, language translation, application development, video editing, voice recording, etc, then this article will show you the fastest way to make good money online and probably quit your day job soon, so read on....

Before we forge ahead, I will leave you with some screenshots of some of my friend's earnings:

What my friend did and earned  OVER 4000 DOLLARS is quite simple and ANYONE can do it including YOU. Is it easy? Of course not! You need to be patient and do things exactly as I advice you to do. Unless you think of a better way to do them, if not, follow the steps here.

- Good english level
- Good communication with clients
- Motivation and hard work

NOTE: if you are focused on this method and work hard, i'm very sure that you will make money out of it. I have trained two of my friends and both of them made money with this.

Now, what you need to do is:
1- Sign up at

2- Do you know what freelancer is? if NO, then stop reading this post now and google it right now. What are you waiting for? I said google about freelancer now! lol

3- Take your time to explore the different categories of projects posted there and see what kind of projects you can do ( for me I didn't have any kind of skills, no design skills, no programming skills, nothing, so I focused on translations and got jobs there )

4- Wait for a new project in your chosen field and bid on it. ( make sure that your bid is withing the price range of others or little lower ) if people are bidding 50 - 60 - 70 dollars you can bid with 50 as well or 40 as a minimum, don't give lower bids otherwise the project owner will think that you are disqualified.

5- When bidding make sure to write a professionnal letter to get the project. ( don't write things as: please give me this project I will make sure to do it .. etc )

I will stop right here for the moment, as i don't want this post to be very long, if I see that at least 20 interested in this I will train them and offer them support.

So if you are a newbie in making money online and you need mentoring or guide on this, don't hesitate to send me a mail to: or drop a comment here, and don't forget to follow the 5 steps I mentioned above. Explore the website and try to get a project, it's hard to get the first project thought. But lets see who is going to get that first project.

If you have any question DO NOT hesitate to ask. I'm here to help, cheers.

To your success,
Frankwealth Team


  1. Mr Frank wealth I can't say how much I really appreciate your efforts trying to help us make money online. on nairaland you're always there to help us. God bless you and your family.

  2. Good day Mr. Frank wealth I really appreciate your post and I must say that I am really interested, already I have a freelance account but I am yet to receive a order.


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