Do You Really Want to Make Money Online? Then READ This!

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Hi guys, it's me again here to re-inspire you and put you back on the track of making legal money online from home.

Have you been struggling to make money online for some time now with little or no success? In this short article, I want to open your eyes to the reason(s) why you have not been successful in making money online.

It seems everybody goes frenzy at the hearing or reading of the words: make money online from home, which shows how lazy humans are and how much humans hate to work.

Yes, there is plenty money to be made online but not as easy as you think....even though it's simple.

If truly you want to make money online, then you must have this at the back of your mind:

Internet money = traffic + monetization 

Traffic means number of people interested in whatever you are saying, while monetization means the means through which you get money from these people interested in what you are doing online.

Now, in order for you to have people interested in what you do online, you must have an online presence and your presence must solve people's problems and challenges.

So in order for people to gather to give you attention, you must offer a solution to their daily life challenges and problems like:

1. Need for love or romance - you can solve this problem of the people by providing them a nice dating and meetup website where lonely singles can go to find love and romance partner.

2. Where to buy what they need to wear, eat or use - offering them an eCommerce website where they can go to buy clothes, food items, gadgets, etc will definitely solve this need of the people

3. ‎Need to know what is happening in their society - if you provide them a news blog or website with frequently updated current affairs, then you have solved this need for them.

4. Need for entertainment - if you can provide them an online platform where they can comfortably go to watch movies, comedy videos, skits, etc, then you have solved this need for entertainment.

5. Need to make money - if you can offer them an online platform where they can go to learn ways to startup a business, learn a trade, etc, then you have solved that need.

6. Employment need - if you provide them a platform where they can go to find list of current job opportunities to apply to, then you have solved their employment need.

And so many other needs...

Now, if you can solve of these peoples' daily life challenges begging for solution, using the internet as the platform, you are definitely going to make money even with little or no stress.

All you need to do is find a way to make people to gather, and you offer them paid solutions in the form of advert.

The more people you are able to gather together using your website, blog, application, etc, the more money you will make.

If you want an automatic system that will generate you money without you offering any value or solution to people, then you are on a long thing because you won't make any money. That's the bitter truth.

Now, if you want to make money online, think of humans' daily life challenges or problems, and think of a solution to any of those problems, and then find a way to offer solution to this problem using the internet, and make sure you are offering people genuine solutions to these problems, and watch how easy it is to make money online.

For those who have interest in micro niche blogging, you can send me a mail with the subject: MICRO NICHE BLOGGING.

In case you don't know what micro-niche blogging is, let me explain in brief.

Micro niche blogging is the fastest way to make money online from blogging because it is easy to build, rank and monetize.

As the name suggests, micro niche blogging focuses on a very micro topic in a whole niche.

For instance, Agriculture is a niche, and farming is also a niche in agriculture, now, instead of creating a blog in agriculture or farming, which requires a versed knowledge, it is easier to go for a smaller niche in agriculture like - snail farming, pig farming, catfish farming, cucumber farming, etc.

Choosing a smaller niche like catfish farming as a topic to build a blog on is a typical example of a micro-niche blogging‎.

Now, it is easier to build catfish blog, rank and monetize it than to build an agriculture blog.

If you want to make money from Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate program, then micro-niche site or blog is your best bet.

Now, if you want to start a profitable micro-niche blog that you can use to start earning between $50 - $3,000 monthly, simply send me a mail to: with the subject: MICRO NICHE BLOGGING.

Note: you will need a start up capital of around $200. I will help you set everything up.

Have a great day guys!


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