How to Make at Least $500 Monthly Using Teespring + Facebook

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Hello, welcome to the world of franwealth, remember, our mission is to empower as many people around the world as possible through timely yet rare information on how to become financially free and live your dream life.

I keep telling people that making money is easy nowadays, especially with the blessing of internet technology, anybody can make enough money to live their dream life, all you need is the right information, zeal and of course action to make money online and offline.

In this very post, we will be taking a look at how you can make steady income of at least $500 every month using Teespring + Facebook as your tools, how? Check the details below after the page break:

In 2014, I lost my presumed precious white collar job and it was as if my whole world has come crashing, but then, that redundancy letter from my Human Resources Department became the turning point in my financial life. I acted on the things I already know about making money....and I also used part of my little savings then to equip myself further by buying quality ebooks, tapes and also subscribed for paid online tutorials and webinars, and today, I am not regretting those decisions because my financial life has taken a wonderful shape that everyone that knew me when I was working keep wondering how I did it even after loosing a job in hard economy situation.

Let me spare you my cock and bull story for today and jump straight to the topic of the day: how to make money using teespring and facebook combined.

One thing I love about my American chaps is the fact that they keep discovering ways people can earn money from the comfort of their home or office while some other people from some regions are busy holding on to archaic religious doctrines that's only destroying their home and future.

Teespring is a customized T-shirt printing company that enables artists and marketers sell T-shirts customized with individual artistic designs, while earning sales commission per each T-shirt sold.

If you are a good designer or know how to draw lovely artwork, then you maybe banking home more money than you can imagine using Teespring affiliate marketing program.

All you need to do is create your own design that you want T-spring to print on your T-shirts, and then you select the T-shirt color, chose a unique name to form your T-shirt sales page, url and publish.

Copy the shirt url, go to facebook and share.....

To guarantee more sales of your customized T-shirt, use Facebook ad campaign to push it.

If you get this right, you maybe selling over 50 T-shirts a day because you are selling to a world wide audience.

Tips: make a custom design of some popular football teams, American baseball teams, TV shows, TV series, Super Bowl, etc....and watch the money roll in.

I will be going into details in part watch out and be a regular visitor.



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