How to Get 10,000+ Twitter & Instagram Followers For FREE

Hello guys, today I want to share with you, the methods you can use to grow your Twitter and Instagram accounts for free without spending a dime to buy followers.

This method works like magic and you will start seeing results within two to three minutes of implementing this correctly.

Why am I sharing this secret?

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Now, back to the original topic: how to get free Twitter and Instagram followers to grow your Instagram and Twitter accounts for online money making through internet marketing.

How to get free Twitter Followers

Let's start with how to grow your Twitter follower for free.
First, you will need to install Google Chrome browser, that's if you haven't installed it already.

Step 1: Find a niche relevant to your Twitter account, click their 'followers' to see list of people following them. Right click anywhere inside the browser and a dialogue box will pop up, click on 'Inspect', and then click on "console".

Paste the following code in and hit enter key on your keyboard.

setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 2000);

The function of the code you just pasted in does is to scroll down their followers every two seconds. Now, leave it scrolling and go and do something else, make breakfast or whatever you want to do, and leave it scrolling automatically.

When you are back to your computer, let's say like after 5 - 10 minutes or so, do this:

Paste the following code into the console and press enter key on your keyboard again.

__cnt__=0; jQuery('.Grid-cell .not-following .follow-text').each(function (i, ele) { ele = jQuery(ele); if (ele.css('display')!='block') {console.log('already following:', i); return;} setTimeout(function () {;}, __cnt__++*500); });

This code you just pasted into your Chrome browser console will follow all of the accounts within their followers that you don't currently follow. The code will automatically stop and produce errors once you hit your daily follow limit.

Now, wait after 24 hours, that's a day....come back and log into your Twitter account. Then click on your own list of those you are following. When it opens, right click and click on 'inspect', locate 'console' and click. Then do this:

Paste this Code:

setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 2000);

and hit the enter key on your computer keyboard. This will start scrolling through the list of those you are following.

Wait like after 10 minutes or so to ensure the scrolling has stopped.

Then past the code below and hit enter key:

$('.ProfileCard-content').each(function(){var status = $(this).find('.FollowStatus').text();var unfollowButton = $(this).find('.user-actions-follow-button');if(status != 'follows you'){;}});

What this last code will do is to unfollow everyone you are following who isn't following back.

Allow it to work for like 20 minutes to ensure it has unfollowed all those smart people that feel too big not to follow you back.

Repeat this process after every 24 hours and watch your Twitter followers grow like forest and come back here to thank me later. to get free Instagram followers....


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