10 Secrets to Create Financial Wealth for Yourself

10 secrets of financial wealth creation

10 Secrets of Financial Wealth Creation

Hi guys, welcome to yet another beautiful day in March. Each day reminds me of something; there's 1 day less to my money making target for 2016, which means I need to double my effort and perfect my money making principles, and I want you to have same mentality, that's if you truly want to be rich and financially free like me.

Today, I want to share a topic with you, and the topic I want to share with you will not only change your money making goals, it will change your entire financial life...which is a great way of preparing you for a laudable financial future.

The information I am about to share with you, if put into practice, will make you more enemies than friends, but at the end of the day, it will help you fine-tune your wealth creation efforts.

So without wasting time, let's go straight to the points:

1. Stay away from women!

If you truly want to be rich financially as a young single unmarried man, please stay away from the opposite sex!

You are only allowed to keep relationship with the opposite sex if and only if she's understandable enough to support your financial goals and dreams, not just supporting it verbally, but through proven actions like: lending you investment capital, not demanding or accepting a dime from you for any reason, giving you working financial investmen and money making ideas and advice‎, giving you working business connections.

If a woman can't do any of the aforementioned things for you, but will only be supplying you with sex in exchange for your hard earned money, please don't keep any woman...you can have just flings to help you cool off when high, and try to remove your mind from sex and channel that energy towards money making and wealth creation, you will witness a great result.

2. Don't do business with loved ones

If you are too close to someone that you can't question their actions, can't ask for proves of some things from them, can't look into their eyes and tell them just exactly what you want done, and how you want it done, then don't ever do business with such person or persons!

Separate family and love from money making!

3. Don't lend anybody money!

As a business person, as an entrepreneur aiming to become rich, you need just every penny you have...you don't need to waste any capital you have, and all your money should be working to earn you more money.

So if you aren't lending money with % interest, please don't lend!

If you are too emotional and kind, then make sure all your money are invested just immediately they arrive.

Invest in real estate, landed property, fixed deposit (with micro finance banks not commercial banks), etc.

4. Don't own a savings account!

Saving money can never and will never make you rich! No man or woman has ever became rich by saving money!

Instead of keeping savings, invest. The percentage of returns on savings account is just too ridiculous for an entrepreneur working towards becoming financially rich to venture into.

Don't ever leave big amount of money in your savings account for more than 30 days because if you do so, you are only enriching some other persons to your own financial detriment.

5. Use men!

If you are a physically attractive lady, then you have greater chances of becoming rich if you put yourself in order.

All men fancy physically attractive women with super shape, fresh face and glowing skin‎.

If you have these features, use them to your advantage to extract rare, valuable money making secrets from successful men.

Don't date men, use them!

Remember, I warned you earlier that the information I was about to share with you will make you more enemies than friends, but will change your financial life positively if applied religiously. 

Don't date or sleep with men to make money, never! Instead, use your physical attractiveness that most men fancy to gain access to rare, valuable information that you can apply to make money for yourself.

Most successful and smart female journalists, bankers, entrepreneurs and business development experts you envy apply this very well to grow their careers.

6. Don't envy or hate on successful people!

One rule in wealth creation is: admire successful people! Don't you ever harbor hatred or envy for any successful person you know or see...instead admire their success and look for a way to draw inspiration from their success.

Wealth can be attracted using your instincts and by applying the power of attraction.

7. Stop thinking about being broke or poor!

The more you think of not having money, the more broke you will become.

You attract the things you think about every time, and the things you worry about.

If you are always scared of having accident, then you will sure attract accident to your life.

If you are always scared of being broke, not making money, then you will be broke!

Instead of thinking and worrying about the things you don't want, focus solely on the things you want and forget those things you don't want so you don't end up attracting those things you don't want.

If you want to be rich, always think and focus on how to break even, what business to do, how to make money genuinely, how to help people solve their problem in exchange for money, etc. Act as if you have no problems....think less about your problems and think more about how to achieve your desire and need, and watch your dreams come to reality.

8. Don't marry!

Don't marry until you have achieved at least 60% of your financial goals.

It's not as if marriage will bring you down, but marriage comes with lots of financial, emotional, physical and psychological investment, so don't rush into it until you have achieved most of your financial goals.

You are only allowed to marry before you have achieved most of your financial goals, if and only if the marriage will attract more wealth to your life.

Which can only happen if you are getting married to a rich guy or lady, or one with strong political connections to boost your business or career.

9. Don't marry for love alone!

If you haven't achieved your financial goals before getting married, don't ever marry anybody just because you feel a romantic love for them.

Anything that won't help you grow financially, don't do it! Love under financial lack will most likely wither with time. This is mostly for guys, don't ever marry any girl just because you feel you love her. Make sure she too have some financial contributions to make in your life that will help you grow financially than diminish.

If you must marry anybody for love, let it be your childhood sweetheart whom you know very well and trust before you became financially free‎.

If you are a rich guy and don't have a childhood sweetheart, please don't marry any girl in the name of love. Don't marry a broke girl that isn't your childhood sweetheart if you are a rich guy‎.

If you are a rich guy and you don't have a childhood sweetheart, never you marry a broke girl, go for a rich girl or a girl from a rich family!

10. Don't buy a car worth more than 1% of your net worth!

If your net worth is say, $1,000,000, don't buy any car worth more than $1,000.

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