How to Make Money from Youtube

Youtube is no doubt the number one free video sharing website in the world today, with millions if not billions of visitors daily, visiting the website to watch free videos, which makes it a great platform for serious marketers and publishers to utilize in marketing and selling their products, brands, services and of course ideas.

One video upload on youtube can change your whole life. It is not as if youtube will throw money at you, but it will give you the rare opportunity to monetize your video using so many legal techniques that doesn't violate youtube's terms of service.

In this blog series, I will be showing you how to make money from youtube, based on these:

  • Type of video to upload
  • How to get the videos to upload
  • How to upload your video on youtube
  • How to title your video for wider audience and SEO
  • How to use video tags to increase your video's visibility
  • How to promote your youtube video
  • How to make money from your uploaded youtube videos

Type of Video that will Make You Money on Youtube
Before you can make money on youtube, you must first ask yourself: what kind of video are people (especially Europeans and Americans) more interested in watching? You must focus on creating videos that Americans and Europeans will love to watch and share.

You know why? Because Americans and Europeans are the people with the highest purchasing power of global goods and services in the world...Americans buy things a lot because they have good economy with high number of citizens living above middle class.

For this reason, whenever you want to create a video you want to upload on youtube to make money, make sure you have Americans and Europeans at heart.

So, what kind of video do Americans and Europeans enjoy watching on youtube?

1. Funny videos: any video that will make an average American laugh is a good hit for you. Vine videos comes to mind.

2. Cheating scandal videos: any video that contains cheating scandal, especially that of a woman or girl that got caught while cheating on her husband or boyfriend is always a good video to make some money from.

The first video that set my youtube channel on fire was a video clip I got from an old American movie in which a wife cheated on her husband and got caught by the hubby's friend...and the hubby called her in and showed her the video, and they told her he's filing for divorce....she started to sob and plead....

This video went viral on yotube in less than 4 youtube fans (known as subscribers) grew from just 10 subscribers to 1001 subscribers just because of one video upload.

The video view grew from 5 to 500,000 in 2 days, and in 7 days, it hit 1,000,000 views with hundreds of shares and upvote from viewers.

It had over 1,000 comments in less than 7 days.

OMG! I was E-mail was on fire with Email alerts of viewer's comments and subscription.

Immediately, I created another video myself using pictures and animations about a controversial Nigerian actress; Tonto Dikeh...and within 2 weeks, it got 95,000 views, 250 likes, 55 dislikes though.....115 comments and my subscribers also increased.

Meanwhile, before all these, I have already linked my youtube channel to my Google Adsense, so when I checked my earnings, I was shocked to see $170 in less than 30 days! Oh mhen, I got so inspired!

I started creating more videos.....but after like 2 months....I had some bad news......


Someone flagged two of my hit videos: the cheating scandal video and Tonto Dikeh video...and when someone flags your video on youtube, youtube don't usually joke with it...they will notify you and then they will take down your video from youtube.

So youtube removed my two major hit videos...and my video traffic dropped down drastically.

But before they took down the videos, I learnt some tricks on how to make money from my youtube videos aside Google Adsense....that I will be revealing later.

Also before they took down my two main videos, a popular youtube advertising network contacted me, asking me to join their advertising network to enable them monetize my videos for more earnings, and I registered with them, and started earning some money again from my videos....but I needed to upload more videos to increase my youtube traffic and subscribers...

I did another video of some hot Nollywood scenes featuring popular Nigerian actors and actresses, and then I gave them some hot titles....the title of your video matters a lot....the tags, the description too. Will be treating all that later.

One of my new Nollywood hot scene videos went viral again....hitting 50,000 views in less than 10 days of upload.

My earnings fired up again...I did another funny video vine and it also got some hit but not much like others.....I kept on...and noticed a significant increase in my earnings, so I took some break to focus on other of my online money channels because I have achieved my aim on youtube to an extent.

I later uploaded another video on Valentine's day about another girlfriend cheating scandal...and to my greatest surprise, this video went viral...and got 1,000,000 views in 3 days, just 3 days! I earned around $250 from my youtube channel in less than 7 days....not just through Google Adsense alone, but through other means I use to monetize my youtube videos.

...and then the worst news occurred after this video got over 3,000 comments, shares, likes and someone flagged the video again....after some commentors started a fight saying I infringed into the girl's privacy by exposing her without her consent....before I know it, someone filed a copy right content and youtube sent me a message asking for proof of ownership of the video or that my account will be suspended....I sent them some detailed message, explaining lots of things....and youtube changed the penalty from suspension of my account to temporary suspension of youtube Google ads monetization on my videos pending review.

Meanwhile, even though they have banned me and removed some of my vital videos, I still make some cash from youtube without working again....what a good source of passive income.

youtube don't joke with copyright or flagged video....especially flagging....once your video gets flagged, youtube takes it serious....I mentioned all that in the first three paragraphs them up.

To overcome copyright notification on your YT videos that you got from a 3rd party...there are many ways to achieve this, one is by pausing the music or voice and adding youtube open source can find this on your youtube dashboard under creator studio....library. That's a task for you....your assignment.

There is also a software you can use to change the speed of a video to outsmart youtube copyright bot from detecting it....

If you change the speed play of the video using some video editing softwares and then remove the original music to add yours from youtube....or by adding your own voice...then you have escaped this.

Lastly, who said you must upload only videos made by others?

I create my own can use to create very interesting videos that will gain audience, that's if you don't have the skill and equipment to create a real video....just make sure your pictures are clear enough and you are creating the video in a very interesting topic like I already revealed in my initial posts.

Lastly, to make your video to gain views faster and possibly go viral, there are certain things you must consider:

  1. The storyline
  2. The video title
  3. Tags: very important
  4. Description: not so important

These 4 things are the main key things I use to make my video go viral faster

I need questions to continue.....


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