My Wealth Empowerment Quotes for Today- A Must Read

"Those who depend on government welfare will forever remain poor; stop waiting for government to provide your needs and take charge of your financial life NOW"

"What made America global economy center in the past is the fact that America provided most solutions to global problems, but now America depends on other nations to provide them with solutions, and that will lead to America's economy downfall if nothing is done fast"

"Poor people struggle hard to make money to buy rich people's ideas, while the rich spend their money on creating more ideas that the poor will work harder to acquire"

"The more time you apend watching TV entertainment programmes, the higher your chances of becoming rich"

"Your physical being is a reflection of your spiritual existence, and the nature of connection between your physical being and your spiritual existence will greatly affect your ability to create financial wealth"

Courtesy of: Frank Anok


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