Step By Step Guide On How To Make $500 Daily Using Adsense+Facebook

Hey Guys,

This is a journey plan for those who wish to tap into the unlimited wealth available online. I learnt this trick from an Indian friend, and I tapped into it, so you too can tap into this to join in the money rain.

I am posting this to motivate every member of this community, and to empower as many people around the world as possible in achieving financial freedom without stress.

The first time I heard about this project, I keyed into it but couldn’t finish it up because I was into too many things at the same time which made me lose focus, so I can literally say that I failed during my first attempt, but I tried again and it worked before I abandoned it for other things, though I want to start all over again, and I want to also encourage you guys to join me…$500 a day is a pretty income more than a day pay job, but please don’t quit your job yet, first start and once you start seeing results, you can then quit!

I want you to take this serious and make it a goal to make a passive $1,000 a day, using this action plan as your guide. At the end of every week, measure your progress and if you can, come back here for a feedback or question on what next to do when stuck.

Here is the action plan....

Create 5 blogs with high CPC keywords and viral contents.

How to get the articles for the blogs?
You can hire a freelancer to help you churn out original, unique viral content articles. The ideal person must know how to carry out keyword research, searches for viral content around them and create 20 articles per day; 4 articles to be published on each of the 5 blogs on a daily basis.

I can help you hire professional SEO article writers to carry out this major task for you at a very affordable rate.

Total 560 articles a month. Estimated monthly cost of hiring a freelance writer = $840 at $1.5 per 500 words article.

Keep posting articles for 6 months until the blogs have 1000-2000+ articles each and then slow down on the daily articles.

If you have time and you are good in writing SEO articles, then you can forget hiring a freelancer and do the article writing by yourself. This will save you lots of money, so I encourage it.

But you must ensure that at least 60% of your articles are share worthy, and highly viral articles which have the potential to be re-shared multiple times. Somewhat similar to viralnova,diply and buzzfeed.

Next plan

Create 5 Facebook pages, 5 Twitter accounts, 5 instagram accounts, 5 Pinterest accounts, and possibly 5 Google+ accounts, etc to gain social followers. You can focus on using only FB traffic for now, and maybe twitter and instagram. At this stage I will suggest you use automation; google for applications capable of reposting your blog posts to your facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what have you accounts.

You will also need to create a subscription list on each blog to enable you mail your subscribers every morning with that day’s viral content and some CPA offers to make some extra cash from mails.

Promotion Method -

Your main promotion method should be via FB accounts with large number of friends. You will need to create the accounts on mobiles and genymotion and then add friends to those facebook accounts. If you are serious and dedicated enough, in 3 weeks’ time, you should be able to grow your new facebook accounts to at least 3000 friends.

Here are few samples -

For managing the facebook accounts, you can make use of Buffer/Socioboard and hootsuite to schedule posts from your sites to your FB accounts and reduces the manual work.

Some results from people who tried this technique

Read what Bill has to say on his implementation of this project plan:

The method we use is simple; we schedule all the day’s posts on respective FB page via buffer/socioboard. Then we schedule a post share to various facebook accounts via fboardpro shareagon. This gives my posts a reach of 15-20k and100-200 fb clicks per post with current 10 accounts. I expect to reach 1000-5000 clicks per post with 100 accounts sharing my posts.

This is very much the only automation I’m doing.

Second thing I’m doing is adding the friends of my accounts in groups owned by me, where my accounts are admins. This allows me to keep pinned posts in groups and market to the group members. Right now I own 12 groups with 50,000 members; all these are open groups where members keep sharing viral content. I plan to grow each of them to 500,000 -1,000,000 members within few months’ time. My VAs share 1-2 posts a day in these groups and make them pinned for a day. This is completely manual and is a big source of future free traffic that I’m building.

I will use FB as my main source of traffic for this journey and later on add instagram and may be twitter once FB is stable. I like social traffic since you can control it and don’t have to depend on SEO etc which is very fluctuating.

There is some initial investment to kick start social but that’s ok for me. I have money to invest to make more money, says Bill.

Meanwhile, you can do all the work by yourself if you do not have the money to invest, and you will still achieve the same result if you put in your best to it.

Watch out for more eye-opening articles from me on how to make legal money online and offline as part of your journey to becoming financially free.

From me, Frank Anok


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