How To Find A Man That Will Love, Respect & Treat You Like a Queen

Hello ladies, welcome to a new day, a new life, a new approach, and of course a new vision.

Today, we are going to take a look at some reasons why most ladies don’t find true love but rather end up in the hands of playboys who toil with their hearts and emotion.

I am going to be blunt, so forgive me if my words sound harsh, all I want to do is to open your eyes wide to some of the mistakes you have been making that has been making you a prey to playboys, so read carefully.

The problem many single ladies have and the reason why many ladies may never find such a wonderful man to be with, are: 

1. Real guys who would love, cherish, respect and value you don't usually have the courage or confidence to chase after women; most of them don't even know how to approach a girl and woo her, so while u are waiting for him, he will only be afar admiring u and will never come to ask u out.

2. Such breed of guys don't usually appear flamboyant and lively to you ladies; ladies mostly love flamboyant and lively guys who will shake them up.

in as much as men generally are born with a natural tendency to be polygamous, I can still tell you that many guys wish to keep one girlfriend or lover but the problem is that most men don't always find their dream woman early enough due to scarcity of that dream woman.

You may be wondering who that dream woman is? Let me give you a small picture of who that dream woman of many guys is:

She is pretty/attractive, honest, faithful, not a financial or emotional liability, cool-headed, not greedy, contented and intelligent.

Now, due to the scarcity of that dream woman many guys desire to love and keep, many guys end up having the girl that isn't their taste just to while away lonely moments while still searching for their dream woman.

By so doing, these guys end up having long list of girls they have dated or dating...and then it becomes a habit they can't break away from even when they get married.

Most men that find their dream girl early enough hardly womanise, and don’t treat women like trash.

But how many men are lucky in the world today to find their dream woman when we have very few number of this dream woman available?

A lady fan once complained to me that her boyfriend drinks a lot, sometimes to stupor, such that she will have to help him into the car, and even clean up his alcohol mess. Now, on that drinking to stupor part, I am still wondering how a reasonable lady with clear vision of what she wants from life meet such useless men because I abhor any guy that drink a lot. I still find it difficult to understand why people even drink alcohol in the first place; something that doesn't nourish your body, doesn't taste sweet to your tongue, then what for?

Anyway, that's for those that drink to explain.

My advice to ladies on finding that dream man:

1. Don't always wait for him to come ask you out because from personal experience, I know that such breed of guys find it difficult to woo ladies...most of them don't even see having a girlfriend as a necessity until they are ready to marry.

Majority of such guys were born shy and raised under strict parenting such that they grow up finding it difficult to woo women.

So if you come across such guys, don't tag them “boring”...try and initiate communication with him to make it easy for him to ask you out because most of them lack the courage to ask a girl out.

2. Don't expect him to be a music freak, a club lover, etc and at the same time a reserved reverend father; that's impossible.

I remember when I was 19, a girl in my elder brother’s street where I went to spend my holiday, fell deeply in love with me, but then, I never knew what love is, neither did I know what keeping a relationship is. I made life so difficult for that girl because I didn’t see any reason why I should have a girlfriend. This continued until I was 25, and I am very sure that there are millions of other guys out there who are just like me then.

Remember, something can't be cold and hot at the same time, so its left for you to choose between cold and hot.

As a lady, define what you want and make sure none of the qualities you want contradicts each other.

I can boldly tell you guys that I know many guys who are working and above 25yrs without a single girlfriend.

And these guys aren't ugly per se...neither are they born again Christians, but normal guys who have found pleasure in working hard to be financially able for their future kids and only socialise on rare occasion.

Don't expect to find them in night clubs, drug spots or at beer parlours.

Look around you carefully, you will see them lurking around unnoticed by beautiful ladies like you who believe that because you are physically pretty, you aren’t supposed to be seen with a cold guy who isn’t rich and famous.

Majority of these breed of guys I am talking about don't drink, don’t do drugs...they don't chase woman no matter how much they admire the lady...they rather die with that feeling than walk up to the girl and say Hi, and that's why it may be difficult for ladies waiting for such men to find them- they won't come chasing after you, very rare of them.

You may ask: how will they marry if they don’t chase after women? Most of them marry via matchmaking or introduction from their parents, relatives or close friends.

Unfortunately, 90% or more of ladies don't fancy these kind of guys...ladies want to eat their cake and still have it; ladies want Chris Brown, Drake, PDiddy, 50cent, they want Mayweighter, they want Michael Jackson, yet they want 50cent to be like Pope John Paul, how possible? If Michael Jackson becomes Pope Johnpaul, then he is no longer Michael Jackson but Pope Johnpaul

Define what you want and make sure the qualities you want in a man does not contradict each other and you are good to go.

Another secret tip:
These kind of guys I am talking about can also be found online if you are wise, free and open to friendship, reason being that social media give them the courage and confidence to express their feelings to ladies unlike in real life. They are not usually popular wherever they are. Search wisely and pray to God too.

But before you do that, search your heart very well and make sure you are worth it...make sure you are what 90% of guys will call their dream girl or else, you are wasting your time, and may end up heartbroken.

I wish you all peace, love, true happiness. See you again in my next discussion, don’t miss it!


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