How To Create Financial Wealth From Nothing- PART 1

Hello friends, welcome to my financial empowerment series titled- “How To Create Wealth From Nothing”. This series is culled from my book on financial freedom, and the few portions of this book I shared with people have changed lives, reason why I deemed it feat to bring the series here for more people to benefit from.

Everything you will be reading in this series is based on real life experiences, which can be replicated for same or better result.

Today, I am going to talk about something very crucial to wealth creation and financial freedom, something many people don’t know.

In order to enable readers and fans follow up this series, I will be breaking it in bits, so expect a short but informative article.

Do you know that everyone wants to be rich? Do you know that even the beggar on the streets begging for daily bread desires to be rich? But unfortunately, not everyone will be rich, not because of some unseen witches following some people, not because some people are lazy, not even because some people didn’t attend higher institution to acquire degree certificate and what have you.

The major reason why many people are poor and many will still be poor is nothing but lack of information on how to create wealth.

You can’t achieve what you don’t know.

The kind of information you have determines how successful you will be in life. Aside information, you also need zeal. If you have information and don’t act on it, it will become useless.

If you are the type that do not invest in information, or you ignore information on how to create legal wealth, believe me, you may never be rich, that’s a fact.
If you truly want to be rich, don’t stop searching for genuine information on wealth creation. Don’t ignore new business ideas and tricks. Don’t say its not my field…don’t be too rigid…you need to be versatile to become rich. Don’t rely only on your field or job, diversify your income source because ever since I was born, I have never heard that someone became rich having only one source of income.

People will call you Jerk of all threads, don’t listen to them, focus on the mission- acquiring wealth. Nothing stops you from developing a mobile application as a medical doctor. Nothing stops you from singing as an Engineer. Nothing stops you from becoming a beauty expert as an accountant. Nothing stops you from owning your own e-commerce website where people can buy and sell, as a banker. All you need is to create the system.

I will be stopping here for today, please don’t miss the next series, subscribe to my feed or follow me on Google plus, I promise you that by the time you follow this blog for 12 months, your life will never remain the same.

Before I go, let me remind you that becoming rich doesn’t depend on how much you earn or earning, instead, what you do with what you earn now will determine if you will be rich or poor. Wealth takes time to acquire…it is a gradual process that requires planning, action, time and patience.

See you again some other time.

Frank Anok


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