How I Made $1000+ In Few Months Through Google Adsense & eBOOK Publication


I joined Hubpages around 2009. At first, I didn’t join hubpages to make money; I just joined to explore my passion, which was writing of course, so I wasted around eleven months with no income on my hubs. I started off with any topic that I felt like discussing, I didn’t know the rule, neither did I know that I could make money with Adsense by publishing articles as hubs on hubpages, so I wasted almost six months. As the saying goes, at the end of every dark tunnel, there is a light, so I finally made money with AdSense in 9 months using one hub, is it not awesome?

For the first four months or so, I hardly knew my mission on hubpages as far as making money online is concerned, like I said earlier; I just came to share my opinion to the rest of the world through writing. After some time, I started reading different hubs that were published by different writers, thanks to the hubpages ‘hubtivity’ tab or capsule. With constant reading of other hubbers’ write ups through the ‘hubtivity’ page, my eyes began to open wide, so I started building interest on making money on the internet through what I was ignorantly doing, writing hubs. So if you have not joined already, you can click here to join the fastest but easy to catch making money online train.

I made few mistakes at the onset, and some of those mistakes probably turned into an advantage for me. A lot of reputable hubbers here would bear witness to what I am talking about, just wait a minute. But my mistakes might have brought me more adsense revenue, don’t conclude yet.

I made it with AdSense


Before I mention the few mistakes that I did, I would like to warn you first not to try them, because they might work against you either, but there is no harm in trying, at least, many inventions came to being by trial and error, so you can try the mistakes if you so wish.

My mistake number one: too eager to go popular. At first, I didn’t care about popularity; I just stumbled upon hubpages through Google search engine, so I decided to share my opinion to the world through it. You may ask how come I became interested in being popular if that was not my initial goal. The answer to that question is another mistake that I made, which was an outcome of misunderstanding of the true meaning of the word, SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

After reading some few hubs on Search Engine Optimization, I misunderstood them, so I wanted to drive traffic to my hubs by all means, the outcome was unnecessary forum posts or what some reputable hubbers would call ranting. I became a nuisance on the forum; posting one controversial topic to another. In the process, I offended several people, so they started posting topics on the forum to describe my foolish attitude on hubpages, one of them came from the hubber, Blondepoet. Finally, I learnt my lesson, but it really helped me though.

Many of the hubbers became pissed off with me that they wanted to know who this bloody guy was, so they were either visiting my page or clicking on some of my low traffic hubs, thereby helping to increase my hub traffic and page ranking. Be warned; traffic from hubbers contribute less to your Google Search Engine Ranking and I probably they did get me web traffic.

This very mistake made me more eager to learn, so that I can earn money like some of the hubbers who wrote about their success in making money on hub pages. From time to time, I posted help me posts on the “Need Question Ask Here” tab on hubpages forum, and hubbers responded with loads of informative answers, which really helped me a lot to maximize AdSense revenue. You too can make a proper use of the forum it helps a lot.

I made it through adsense and ebook

To be continued......


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