My Wisdom Quotes For Today

"Marriage doesn't make a man responsible, instead, it makes him discover his selfishness, impatience, unfaithfulness, immaturity and quick to anger"

"Marriage brings out the hidden you in you; it exposes all the dark side of your heart that you had been struggling to conceal from others"

"When you meet a girl once and she remembers your first name on the second meeting, don't be fooled, she loves you"

"The only date a man never forgets in his life is the day he bought his first car"

"A woman may forget the day she got deflowered, but will never forget the day she had her first kiss"

"The fastest way to get favour from God is not through prayer and fasting, praise does the magic"

"It is easier for a broke person to become rich than for an average person because of comfort"

Readers' note: please do note that all quotes above originally belongs to me, and are copyright protected, please use them with permission and reference.


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