My Wisdom Quotes for Today

“Smoking isn't bad, but what narcotis does to your lungs is very bad, say no to smoking”

“Everyone is a CEO of a company called- 'myself'; manage that company well if you want to be celebrated”

“Don't let the fact that your mates or peers have gone father than you in life by acquiring riches, getting married, having children, securing their dream jobs, buying their dream cars, building mansions and touring the world, instead sincerely rejoice and celebrate with them because in life, many will start well, continue well, end up badly, while some will start fast, continue fast and finish late, others will start badly, continue poorly and finish up excellently, so in all situations you find yourself in, give thanks with joy for it is your destiny"

Quotes by: Frank Anok

Note: all quotes above are copyright protected and solely belongs to me, please use them with permission and reference.


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