I love aeroplanes: so I bring you some random images

Have you ever wondered how the world would have been without technology? Gosh, it would have been so boring and of course difficult.

Boeing 737-800 de Ukraine International

In fact, everything about technology trips me and makes me wanna invent something extraordinary; maybe something that could take death and old age away from mankind, but that will be playing the role of God, so let's get back to reality.

Some time ago, I was frantically searching for some exciting images of aeroplanes on the net because I love aeroplanes, the awesome technology behind their flying so high at a very unimaginable altitude, and then I came across this wonderful guy's profile of Google plus, and it was like a dream come true because he had most of the images I was looking for....and in fact, from different airlines.

So I decided to add him up and follow up on his aeroplane images for the satisfaction of soul.

You can join me as I share some of Francisco Vegas Ruano's aeroplane shots below:

Airbus de Vueling despegando.

Airbus de easyJet

Airbus A320 de IBERIA

Airbus de Brussels airlines

Did you notice the difference between Airbus and Boeing?

To me, Airbus is more flashy than Boeing....though I maybe wrong...so join me next time as we explore other flying jet images from around the world brought to you by Vegas.


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