2015 BMW M4 Special Edition By Vorsteiner!

Hey guys, check out this wicked light blue BMW M4 Special Edition by Vorsteiner...its just more than perfection as you can see from the review Tony Tabi done below:

LA-based body kit designer Vorsteiner , which produces aftermarket Aero pieces and wheels for high-end imports such as Porsche , Ferrari , and Bentley , is celebrating 10 years of business, and as a gift to itself and anyone who enjoys full carbon-composite, wide-body Bimmers, it created the M4 that lays before you. With a focus on mixing an organic look with functional performance! After finalizing the overall design, Vorsteiner 3D scanned the stock coupe, then overlaid the renderings to produce quick CNC prototypes to aid in development. The result, as you can clearly see, is pretty amazing. The lines pay homage to BMW’s touring car racing heritage, but keeps things within the realm of street usage. Oh, and it’s full carbon composite!

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Courtesy of: topspeed


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