24 Dec 2018

How American Man Won $1million On a $5 Casino Poker Bet

Wealth comes by working smart, and taking calculated risk, but sometimes riches come by luck and destiny as can be seen in this scenario, in which a US man who made a $US5 bet in a poker game at an Atlantic City casino has overcome 1-to-20 million odds to draw a royal straight flush and win $US1 million, sound odd right? That is one mysterious thing about life; some people or persons can't categorically define or narrate the steps they took to become rich.

10 Nov 2018

Financial Wisdom - Is This Why Many Nigerian Youths Are Broke? [PHOTO]

This is Nigeria...where majority of youths struggle so much to make money, and after they make the money, they spend it on exotic cars while they live in slum-like homes.

Nigerian youths must wake up and change the statusquo in order for Nigeria to grow and join the league of other prosperous nations making wave in technology and legal wealth creation!

E-commerce Training + Importation Training + Dropshipping Training + Digital Marketing Training in Nigeria

Accofranco Intl Technologies & Zuma Marketing Ltd are a known organizations that focuses on technology solutions marketing, training and promotion.

In the last 5 years, they have trained at least 50 successful Nigerians, especially young graduates, who have grown to become successful entrepreneurs that are also making waves in their chosen fields.

As a company founded by young graduates, AITech Ltd & ZML have a special focus on young Nigerians, with a target of creating at least 1000 successful e-commerce and digital marketing experts before the year 2020!

As part of this goal, they have just rolled out a wonderful, one-on-one practical e-commerce training packed with digital marketing training, dropshipping training and advanced mini importation training in Lagos Nigeria.

This training has already kicked off, and its purely 4-student practical based training taking place at Ikeja, Lagos.

Now, if you are yet to make up your mind to attend this wonderful legal wealth creation training, then you may need to see the training details below:

17 Sep 2018

What Do Rich People Spend Their Money On? Find Out Here...

Have you ever sat down and wondered how and what the world richest people spend their money on? In as much as this question may sound or seem vague, it is very interesting and of course finding out how the world's 1% spend their hard earned money may be a key to your financial doors.

Before I started witnessing positive changes in my personal finance, I used to imagine a lot of things about successful people; from how they made so much money to what they ate and how they spent their money, and even at times, I wondered if they defecated like ordinary people lol, that's how weird and worried I was to know how the rich lived their life some years back when I was still struggling financially.

In this short but detailed post, I will be answering the question: what do rich people spend their money on? So sit back and enjoy the reading...

10 Sep 2018

How To Know if You Will Become Rich or Poor in Future

In as much as we do not have a concrete sign or signs that will guarantee that one will become rich in future, certain criteria or factors stand as clear enough signs to show how our future will look like when it comes to financial success. In this expository post, I will be revealing some never-heard before vital signs and factors that will help you discover your chances of becoming rich in future or not….and this is not meant to discourage you if you fail to see the signs in your life, it is meant to motivate you and inspire you to put more effort towards achieving your dream of becoming rich since that I believe is your goal for opening this topic to read.

What guarantees that you will become rich in the future? Find out after the page break below: