Make $600+ Every Month Using My Free Webcam Method

I want to share a personal secret to make at least $40 per day with you just to help you get out of debt or something. I know that you may have come across how to make money online re-uploading adult videos, but today, I am going to share with you, a personal trick I discovered on my own while trying out the adult video re-upload moneymaking method. When I started applying this trick, I began to witness positive changes in my daily earnings from this, for instance last month, I made $650 without putting in much effort like many do online to make money, so to me, it is worth doing, and I am also certain that it will only get better with time. Proof below:

Note: the trick I am about to share with you is long but once you get it set up; takes 10min a day, then relax and watch the money rolling in with ease!

The tools you need:

1.       Payoneer mastercard account: clickhere to sign up free
2.       Chaturbate cam affiliate: click hereto sign up free


Step 1.
The first step you are going to take is to sign up for a webcam affiliate offer. I use chaturbate; click hereto sign up for a free chaturbate account. Meanwhile, this will work with any other webcam affiliate offer, but I recommend chaturbate for a start.

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Step 2.
Next step is to get a domain name. Please when picking a domain, make it easy for someone to type and remember with the word ‘cams’ or ‘cam’ in the domain.

You can register a domain with Godaddy at $0.99 by clickinghere.

Step 3.
This is a very important part of this whole method: Point your domain to your chaturbate affiliate ip.

How to point your domain to your chaturbate affiliate ip.
After you sign up with the web cam affiliate programme I recommended in step 1, and register a domain name as explained in step 2, now log into your chaturbate affiliate account, click on ‘white labels’, it will open a dialogue box.

In the alias field, type your choice username, e.g. “amysexy”, in the site field, type your domain name, e.g. ‘amysexycam’, and in the domain name field, type your registered domain name, e.g. ‘’ I am assuming ‘’ is the domain name you registered at godaddy as specified in step 2.

Now, log into your godaddy account where you registered the domain name and click on manage my domains….you will see the domain you registered, beside it, you will see ‘manage’, click on it, it will open the details, you will need to point your domain to your chaturbate affiliate ip by changing the DNS ZONE FILE. When you click on “DNS ZONE FILE”, it will open another details, check on the first row, you will see ‘Host’… will see ‘action’ at the extreme right hand, click on edit to edit it. It will open a dialogue box, now go back to your chaturbate affiliate account dashboard….click on ‘whitelabels’….below where you typed in your domain…you will see an ip address in numbers like this: 63:380:2:01, copy it and paste on the “points to” www field on your godaddy DNS ZONE FILE. Make sure to remove the www and replace with the ip address you copied from chaturbate and save.

Now, when someone visits your domain: for example, it will direct the person to your chaturbate affiliate account with live cam of hot girls. Now, if the person signs up with any of the cam girls, you make money; $2.1 or so….and if they make payment to watch any of the cam girls, the more money you make.

So all you need now is what? Promotion of your cam domain to attract lots of visitors who may likely patronize the cam girls. How do you promote it? The next steps will guide you through.

Step 4.
After you sign up with webcam affiliate, the next thing you’re going to do is sign up for a tumblr account. Make your title something like Super Hot Girls, Hot Stocking Girls, Hot Blondes, etc. Try To Make it Niche Specific if you can. It can be broad too but it's easier to gain traffic from being niche specific. Make your profile pic of a hot girl in your niche. Make sure to list as adult content and unlock adult content
Step 5.
After you got a Tumblr account, go sign up for a Twitter account. Make the twitter account around the same name as your tumblr account. With the same profile pic if you can. To gain followers fast I used addmefast then after a while I started following and getting follow backs while I was implementing this method. You can follow up to 500 a day. Learn how to get follows (google it)

Step 6.
After the Twitter account, sign up for a Sex dot com account. In the edit profile page there is a place where you can add your twitter link and your rss link it will be You will want to add a sponsored banner to your post. Make your own free banner at it's free just use the measurements ask (620x77) this will link your tumblr account to your account.

Step 7.
The next thing you will do is make a account. Add their bookmark tab to your browser. In the settings add a profile pic preferably the one you added for twitter and tumblr. Make sure to follow and follow back on here as well.

Step 8.
After Smutty, make a account. You will add their bookmark tab to your browser as well. That way you can add pictures right from page.

Step 9.
Finally you’re going to want to make your own sub reddit. Title it the same as you did your tumblr account or close to it. If you don't have any karma get on imgur or xvideos and share something to a couple of nsfw sub reddit pages. It's easy to get karma this way. After you got some karma you can make your own sub-reddit.

Step 10.
Now once you have made these accounts we are going to tie them all together. We are going to use to do that.
Step 11.
Sign up for an account, and then search for  "Post Image posts from tumblr to twitter as image tweets. " add it and connect your tumblr and twitter accounts.

For tweet text use hashtags I am not going to tell you what hashtags but think creative

Step 12.
Still logged onto, next step, search for  "Tumblr To Reddit", add it and connect your tumblr to your sub-reddit.

Now you have all your accounts hooked up to your tumblr account. When you post on tumblr it will be automatically posted on sex, twitter, reddit and you will use the bookmark buttons to add it to smutty and punchpin.

Now you will go to your domain which should point to webcam site. Pick a girl out and watch her cam for a second, when you think it would be a good pic press "print screen" on your keyboard. "Now I know you will be worried about DMCA notices and such. But if your uploading and downloading porn that is illegal too but at least this way you are getting targeted traffic and ultimately money in the cam model's pocket directly"

Use Paint or other photo editing software and trim picture up where it is only showing girl no watermark, browser, or chat or anything. After you clean up pic add your watermark to picture. Save it.

Now go to Tumblr add photo. Add source link which should look like , link photo to same link as well and in description add same link. Write something like Jessie is looking fine doing ********** you get the point and link on the end of that. Add some good tags longer the better. Now your post will automatically show up on twitter, sex, and reddit. Go to your tumblr blog, go to post. Press Smutty bookmark and add to Smutty. Press punchpin bookmark and add to punchpin. Now your camroom link is shared on all 6 sites. You can add more sites like blogger to your list of sites to share this too, or find more pin sites. The more,the better.

This will not make you big bucks your first week you will have to do it for a while but once you get set up it should only take 5-10min a day to post and share. As you can see above this is starting to be a money maker for me and it only cost the price of a domain a year. I wouldn't automatize this because it would probably get your tumblr account took. If you have the money starting out you could make a wordpress and it have it go to tumblr than too all your other sites.

Have an email where people can email you for take downs of pics and DMCA notices posted on front page.

Continuously follow/follow back on twitter and tumblr (this will get you some good traffic)
Always find new places to pin your pics, it will get you traffic.

Always try to make post niche specific in some way. You'd be surprised what people like
Watermark your photos.

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